Friday, March 28, 2008

.::. East Coast Park Bicycle Ride .::.

Some weeks back, Mummy brought me to ECP for a gathering with her friends. And because all of them were either cycling or blading, and I'm afraid of big wheels around me, Mummy got me into a bicycle basket.

Daddy insisted on having me in his bicycle and Mummy lined the basket with a thin cushion from my carrier and a towel, and I lay in there comfortably. It was really a good ride! It was so windy and Daddy went quite fast.

Here I am when I just got into the basket. I feel safe in there really, because everyone seem to be staring and pointing at me!

Sometimes I lay in there comfortable, sometimes I stick my head out.
The only bad thing which happened that day was that it started raining not long after I got comfy, admiring the sights. It was so sudden! And it was pouring before I could even bark!
Daddy rode fast and carried me into a shelter, leaving the bicycle outside. He went so fast that Mummy couldn't find him, especially when she could hardly open her eyes with the wind and heavy rain getting into it. She got all wet while I was all warm and dry. She found shelter somewhere else before coming to look for us. Luckily she noticed Daddy's bike with my cushion soaked in rain water parking outside the shelter along with many other bicycles!
She couldn't find me and Daddy because Daddy carried me and sat on a bench inside the Male toilet. She took my cushion and put it under this noisy thing which blows out hot air though. And when Daddy came out, he spotted Mummy. She got my basket, cushion and towel all dry before putting me back. It stopped raining after awhile.

It was quite cooling, especially with the wind blowing as Daddy cycled. So Mummy bundled me up in the towel. She's paranoid and afraid that I might get sick. But I must say that it sure feels warm and comfy in there! Don't I look cute?

And here's Daddy who brought me to the shelter before I could even get wet. He was proudly telling Mummy that I didn't get wet, oblivious to the fact that Mummy was drenched!
We joined the group after I got settled down and continued on our adventure!
And we stopped at Bedok Jetty for a rest. The sea was beautiful, and I spent some time looking across the sea.

I even met other doggie friends there!
And I noticed a rainbow! The first rainbow I ever saw. Can you spot it?
Look what Mummy's friends drew on the sand! I think it looks awfully like me.
These were some of the beautiful sights I saw that day.
And when Mummy returned the rented bikes, I walked with them to the food center. We saw many cute dogs on the way. Her friends thought I looked very cute with my long body, especially when I walked very quickly.
These were the food the gobbled up. And me? I had my boring kibbles.
While they ate and chatted, I was hiding below the table. Actually, pets were not allowed but they put me there anyway. I was good and quiet, I just lay there without disturbing anyone. Mummy was afraid that I might be cold because there were fans blowing and it started raining again, so I was bundled in that pink towel again.
Just as I was dozing off, Mummy carried me and we made our way home. I dropped by Daddy's house the first time before heading home.
I enjoyed myself very much. It's raining like everyday lately! I wonder what's with the weather these days. It just makes me feel lazy and I curl up in my bed.
Anyway, I held my pee and poo for almost 9 hours again that day. Mummy rushed me to my pee tray the first thing we were back and I 'released' myself immdiately.
Maybe she should bring my tray out next time!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

.::. I'm a V.I.P. .::.

Mummy only got me one tee this time round - she says I've got too many clothes! But I've grown out of some of them. Anyway I like this! Mummy wanted to get this the last time, but my size ran out. I'm a very important pet! V.I.P!

This was me last week, after Mummy cleaned me and my room up. I was tired and snuggling in my bed. Don't I look comfortable?

Problem is, once I've got the time and energy, I'll be ripping my beds apart. Both beds have fallen victim, the base is totally bitten off. The cushion inside came out too. Opps. Mummy say luckily these beds are cheap from Bangkok - SGD8.

She got me another new bed on this trip. Its a size bigger, and basically the same design. It's SGD10. Mummy says she'll only let me on this bed AFTER I turn 1, and hopefully, I'll sunggle in it more often instead of ripping it up.

Well, I can only say, it was great fun. I still sleep on the cushions though - those are pretty much comfortable enough!

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Sunday, March 2, 2008

{ Mummy's Back! }

Okaaayyy. Apparently I haven't been blogging for a long long time. It's not my fault really! Mummy has been really busy with school and tuition. She says exams are coming. Yet, she had time to go Bangkok again!!! And without me!!

I hate it when Mummy goes on holidays because she's the main person who takes care of me. Yiyi and cici do play with me and feed me, but Mummy is the one who makes sure that I'm clean and brings me out for walks.

Mummy went on a Saturday evening. She bathed me and cleaned up everything before she left. But everytime she's away, I become smelly because they don't clear my poo fast enough and I pee outside the tray when there's poo on top of the pee tray. Mummy's mum even came and clean the area up abit because she thinks I stink.

Mummy's finally back after 3 long days. I didn't realise she left on Saturday, because she usually ain't home anyway. But she didn't come home on Sunday too, though I waited and waited. Yiyi and Cici let me run about on the third storey and played with me, but Mummy's room was empty and there still wasn't any sign of her. By Monday, I was so tired and upset that I didn't even play with my toys - I just sat there looking sad. Finally, she was back on Tuesday night!

Look what she has bought me??

I was so happy! There's so many treats and I've got a bigger bed. She didn't get that much clothes for me though. I think she was too busy shopping for herself because everything is cheap there. She brought an empty luggage there and it was bursting when she brought it back.

I'm still looking good really, though I really missed Mummy. She bathed me and brushed my hair, clean my ears and brushed my teeth. I've got a mouth full of big white teeth now! It's weird that I haven't dropped any yet though.

I always get tired after all that bathing and brushing. My favourite spot is below the table. I always sit there, when Mummy's studying on the table or on the laptop on her bed.

I really smell and felt good.

And of course, my favourite spot is still Mummy's lap. I missed snuggling on it so much.

Mummy says she's still tired after all that shopping in Bangkok. She said she shopped for 12 hours straight in the hot weather without food and a big bag of stuff. I think it's crazy. No wonder she's aching everywhere and had to give my walks a miss this week.

I heard she's bringing me to the vet soon, to get me neutered. Cici and Yiyi has been wondering why a red part of me sticks out sometimes. I've got patches of dried skin and everything drops off with my hair when I'm brushed. Mummy thinks I'm dropping too much hair and I'm going to go bald if I'm going to continue dropping that much patches of hair.

Wish me luck with the vet. I hope they'll be gentle with me.
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