Wednesday, April 30, 2008

{ A New Toy }

Mummy got me a really nice toy and it looks like me! It's really long and makes nice sounds.

I had a blast playing with it!

And after awhile, the ear dropped off.

Lastly, a nice picture of me in my bed. However, the bed is erm...has holes in it now.
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Sunday, April 20, 2008

{ Walkies }

I've been going for walks as usual, if it isn't raining that is. However, I hardly walk during the day nowadays. Mostly, Mummy brings me for walks at about 8pm. It's pretty dark, so there Mummy doesn't take many pictures of me.

Here's a nice one of me. I'm growing! Mummy says it's amazing how long my 'mouth' has grown. And of course, I'm alot LONGER and HEAVIER! I mean, stronger.

I still don't quite like posing for photos though. I always turn away at the right time! But you can see some of my teeth in this photo. My teeth have been dropping! I'm not complaining though, because bigger and stronger teeth grows back in its place. It makes my gums so itchy that I'm biting everything up.

Did I mention I've bitten up my 3rd bed? *beams. I shall show you pictures of my work soon.

That day Cici went with me for my walk. She's fun, she chases me and talks to me all the time. We went to a new place, somewhere nearby which I've never been before. It's quite a long walk, but it was beautiful.

Isn't this pretty? I wished I could laze my day away on those benches and grass patches.

The weather is pretty erratic nowadays. Sometimes it's sunny, yet it rains so heavily all of the sudden. *sigh. I don't like the rain and the thunder.

Mummy's preparing for her final exams in end-May. That means that I don't get to go out on adventures now, only walks. Sometimes I sit by her side on my bed. But it's boring, I fall asleep all the time while she pours through those stacks of yummy-looking papers. Well, what can I say, I'm a loyal companion.

I'm spending my time pondering over what I should ask for on my first barkday already!
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