Tuesday, November 27, 2007

.::. Updates .::.

I've learnt where to pee and poo miraculously in a day or two! After that day which mummy keep coaxing me to my new pee tray, I've been peeing in it most of the times. Except when mummy takes the tray out for cleaning though. She scolds me for it because she only takes like 5 minutes to clean it up yet I choose THAT 5 minutes to pee. And I eventually learnt how too poo at the same place too. But I like poo-ing right beside the pee tray in mummy's room though. Mummy always scolds me and tries to bring me to the tray but I end up refusing to poo anymore.

Mummy has let me tried sleeping in her room and I love it because I get to explore and bite everything I see. I like it when I can get up in the wee hours and play too. But mummy always wakes up because of the noise I make. It drives her crazy. I woke up at 3am, 6am, 7am and 8am that night and all mummy kept saying was "Chinook, orh orh, go orh orh!". But I didn't want to sleep! I was having so much fun. So now, Mummy plays with me for a few hours at night in her room but send me back to my playpen for me to sleep. More for her to sleep really.

Mummy brought me "out" last Friday, at the front yard of the house. I was quite apprehensive about the new place and I sniffed around cautiously and lay down quite abit instead of running about.

Mummy complained that it's so hard to take pictures of me. I keep moving or I simply turn when I see the camera.

See me sniffing around? Daddy was rather surprised that I've got such a long neck.

Here's me standing tall. This photo was really well-timed!

Mummy's cousins came over to see me play too. All of them were standing and I keep having to strain my neck to look at them. This was just before I turned my head away. I shun the camera.

Well, there really wasn't much to play with and I got bored.

This floor looks so different!

Ahhh, I need my water after some exercise!

I'm sure looking forward to going out for walks and picnics after my second jab next week! Mummy promised to bring me out and avoid grass patches till I've got my third jab. I can't be staying home all day long you know! *yay.

Friday, November 23, 2007

.::.I'm Learning.::.

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon in mummy's room while mummy tried really hard to monitor me and try to make me pee in the tray. Daddy came to visit me too! He likes playing with my tail and I love snuggling on his leg. I pee in the tray quite a few times but end up pee-ing at the wrong place again at night. That's why I ended up back into my playpen.
Today I've spent most of the afternoon in mummy's room too, I'm even lying on my little cushion under a chair in her room now! =)

Mummy has been trying really hard to make me pee in the tray. She coaxes and keep gesturing to me whenever I sniff around. It's quite funny how hard she tries and she goes like "Chinook come, pee pee? Pee pee Chinook? Chinook want pee pee? Come here pee pee". But the best thing is that she goes all excited and happy when I pee in the tray. She gives me treats and keep praising me. So everytime I pee in the tray, mummy together with yiyi and cici will go into a chorus of "Chinook good boy, Chinook good boy!".
So though I do pee and poo at the wrong places, I seem to be alot more consistent and have pee-ed in the tray like the last 5 times. That's a good improvement mummy says. And tonight, because I've pee-ed at the right place the whole afternoon and didn't mess up the room when mummy left the room for dinner, mummy finally let me sleep with her in her room. I've this little corner under a chair which I really like.
I always rest on my 'bed' while mummy sits on her desk to do her work.

When mummy put me in the room left me alone for 30minutes when she went down for lunch, I pee-ed at the wrong places and even tore up ALL the tissue soaked with my pee. Mummy put in on my tray so that I can smell it and pee there. But once nobody's looking, I had my fun and mummy wasn't happy when she saw those tissue scattered everywhere.
Mummy put me back into my playpen. But still, I've been a good boy after she allowed me into her room again. She even cradled me while she watched TV. It's quite interesting, that box with moving images and sound.
Mummy's cousins came to play with me too! I was so happy to have visitors again. I performed my tricks and 'galloped' all around, smelling them and snuggling up their legs. It was so fun and I'm so tired after all that excitement. Everyone says I'm too playful and always gets too excited. That's why some people are afraid of me when I pounce on them, ready to sniff them and play with them.
Mummy sat at her desk most of the time and read her notes and some books. She has borrowed so many books and it's all about me! There's tons of information and she's abit obessed really.

I shall post up cute pictures of me soon. Yiyi has become mummy's great helper, cleaning up my pee when mummy isn't home, feeding me sometimes AND she has become my professional photographer. She snaps my every move using her N7610 or mummy's ixus. Mummy says she's going to make a scrapbook for me. =)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Mummy really doesn't know what to do with me. She came home today and found the big mess I made. I tore up the newspaper in my pee tray, shit and pee EVERYWHERE that the whole area in my playpen is dirty. Everything is dirty, even my 'bed'. But I was so happy to see mummy, because she was out and yiyi and cici fed me. Yiyi even cleaned my pee and changed the paper in my pee tray. Yet when mummy's home, everything was in a mess again.

She had to spend the whole hour clearing away the shit and pee, changing my 'bed' and cleaning the fences because they had pee and poo on them.

Yiyi even caught me sleeping in my pee tray, with my pee. Mummy seriously doesn't know what to do. She has scolded me really fiercely but I still do it.

But still, I was I'm a cute boy - when I'm not wrecking havoc that is.

I get really bored in the afternoon.

Mummy loves it when I'm such a good boy, sleeping on my 'bed' like this, not on the pee tray!

Yiyi and cici fed me tonight. See that pile of shit behind? It ended up everywhere and all around the fence when mummy got home.

So she came back with a Yogi Nano Silver Pee tray which is supposed to kill most bacteria in my pee. She cleared the whole area before putting the new pee tray in it. She was so happy when I pee on it twice that she rewarded me with biscuits. She even played with me and trained me in her room. I galloped around happily and sniffed around. I even got my ears cleaned and had a dry bath and some brushing of my hair and teeth.

But when mummy put me back into my playpen, I was whining so bad that mummy's heart softened. She moved me to her room with my toys, 'bed' and pee tray. She thought that I probably wanted company. But after awhile, I pee-ed right beside the pee tray which she asked me to pee on, though I've sniffed the pee tray. *sigh. I backed away from her and lay on the floor, looking at her clean up my pee. She got angry and put me back. I tried whining again, but she just stared at me fiercely without saying anything. All I could do was sit on my 'bed' and look at her with my puppy eyes.

She really have no idea what to do. Her friend told her that I'm too spoiled and not afraid of mummy anymore and that she should take some rolled up newspaper to 'smack' me. The shopkeeper who sold mummy the pee tray said that I was probably doing it on purpose because I wanted attention since mummy would come and clear up after I dirty my area. I can't be stupid because I can 'shake hand', 'sit' and 'up' in 3 days, yet I can't pee in the correct place.

Mummy doesn't know if she's supposed to leave me alone and don't play with me or spend more time playing with me.

She's really feeling desperate because I managed to lift up the Yogi tray (she scolded me and I stopped) and kept sitting on the yogi tray too. She thinks it's a matter of time before I lift the top part up and get all dirty again. I keep biting the smiley part too.

*sigh. Help!

.::.I'm angry.::.

I have been a notti boy and mummy's angry. I keep biting my 'bed', I keep pee-ing outside my tray, I tore up the newspaper in the tray TWICE and I keep sitting in my pee tray. All these in one morning, and mummy's really angry and tired of cleaning up.

Mummy can't understand why I get it right sometimes but wrong alot of the other times. She keeps telling me and bring me to the tray, yet I'm still so inconsistent that I dirty myself and my whole playpen.

And when mummy keep getting me out of the pee tray and scolded me, I got angry and barked at mummy with that *grrrrr sound. Mummy's quite sad about it. It's the first time I got angry and barked at mummy. I seldom even bark. She seems quite exasperated with me too.

But the pee tray in comfortable because it's softer. And I refuse to sit on my usual spot - on my 'bed' because it has got pee on it. At least the pee tray's newspaper has just been changed. Mummy left me alone for awhile before coming to check on me. Then she finally realised that my 'bed' has got pee on it. She washed my 'bed' and got me a new 'bed'.

It has been a tiring morning. I'm tired and I napped for abit when mummy closed the door. When the door is open, I'm too alert, looking out for people.

Mummy says I'm such a terror. She's going to get me the yogi pee tray later when she goes out. She says that at least, I won't get to tear the newspaper and make her keep changing it. Once I tear the newspaper up, I won't pee in it anymore. And when I finally pee in it, at least I won't have pee on my paws and dirty the whole area. She says she can't check on me every hour to make sure I'm not tearing up the newspaper or have pee all over me. But I like mummy coming to visit me every hour!

Hmm. A new pee tray. I wonder if I'll like it.

Monday, November 19, 2007

.::.My first tricks.::.

I couldn't figure out how to post videos here but here's the URL. =)

.::. I've got a visitor! .::.

Thank you for being concerned about my ticks. The vet has tried to get rid of whatever she saw and mummy has put the medicine for me on the neck yesterday. Mummy didn't find any of them left though she kept trying. So I think I should be fine already. She's quite perturbed about those ticks really and daddy kept assuring her that it's quite common and it's alright.

Today mummy went to school after feeding me and cleaning me up. Because I was a notti boy and did not pee on my tray, I had pee on my 'bed' and mummy had to wash them and clean up my pee all over. I even tore those newspaper in my pee tray.

While mummy was at school, cici and yiyi kept coming to visit me. Mummy gave yiyi her old pink N7610 and she kept using that to take pictures of me. She has 49 pictures of me already!

Mummy came home with Ju jiejie. I like her, she bought me some really yummy biscuits. I was so happy 'galloping' around mummy's room. I performed those tricks like 'up' and 'shake hand'. I learnt a new trick 'sit' today. But sometimes I'm too excited that I just dashed around, waging my tail wildy, oblivious to mummy's calls. We played for an hour or two with yiyi, cici, dylan (mummy's cousin), ju jiejie and mummy. It was so fun! I love company.

Maybe I'm too excited, I pee-ed and poo-ed outside the tray and mummy got angry with me again. *sigh. Mummy changed my 'bed' twice because of this already. She pretty much don't understand why I could learn tricks so quickly but can't learn to pee at the right place.

Mummy will be alittle more busy the next few days and she really hopes that I can learn how to pee at the right place and save her the trouble of having to clean up so many times a day.

I'm usually more hyper and 'notti' in the day time and alot more manja at night. When I'm bored in the day, I even bite my 'bed' and try to tear up the newspaper in the pee tray. But at night, I pretty much lie on my 'bed' and pee in the tray.

Well, I'll try to be a good boy so everyone loves me.

No pictures today because I didn't stay still at all. I'll try to show you the video of my tricks though. =)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

.::.Ticks - A visit to the vet.::.

Here I am, feeling really lazy after my breakfast. As usual, cici and yiyi came over to see me while mummy snapped away.

Mummy thinks I look like a rabbit but cici thinks I look like a chihuahua. Both are cute anyway.

And cici mentioned that I was like a model, keep posing for photographs to be taken.
I'm always at this corner, around my 'bed'.
And this is how I always lie on my 'bed'.

If you take a closer look at the pictures above, and you're a pet lover, you should have noticed those gigantic ticks on my neck. Not that it bothers me much, I'm too excited by everything around me to be bothered by that. I still eat and play happily. But Daddy noticed them yesterday, and while they thought it was just 'part of me' they didn't really bother. But Mummy was worried that it seemed to be getting bigger. They didn't know that those were ticks. But the decided to bring me to the vet anyway, since I needed a checkup too.

This is one of the most handsome picture of me. I seldom stay still to let mummy take pictures and she always has to take like 10 before 1 looks decent. It was my first time sitting on daddy's car. Mummy just craddled me in her arms while I looked out of the window. I was kinda scared and didn't really move.

I must be cute, because there were motocyclist looking into the window to check me out. Hee.

This was the red chair at the vet, it made me look so red! Anyway, I saw another mini red and tan long-haired mini dachshund called 'ger ger'. I liked her, she's so cute. She's 2 years old and looked alot bigger than me, like twice my size. I tried to play with her but she seem afraid of me. She's really pretty, mummy thinks so too. She even started chatting with the owner. She left soon after though.

Mummy was really worried about my ticks, but I'm really fine. The vet was really nice, she talked to me but I just dashed around her table, making it hard for her to remove the ticks. Mummy has to put some liquid on me tomorrow too. But even the vet said that I was really cute. I've to visit the vet again for my injection in like 2 weeks time.

Mummy went home and did a thorough wash of my area and changed my 'bed'. I sat on daddy's lap while he studied for his upcoming exam. It has been another evenful day and I'm really tired. *yawns.

Tomorrow, Julie jiejie will be coming over to visit me and play with me! I think she got me some treats too. I shall show her the tricks I've learnt!

Lastly, mummy's really happy that I'm going the the right place to pee and poo. Sometimes there are accidents but I still 'do my business' near my tray. Hee. I'm a clever boy!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

.::.My (Mis)Adventure.::.
Last night, I was really tired, but I just didn't feel like sleeping. Mummy came over to let me chew on that chicken stick and tickled my neck just the way I liked it.

See my strong teeth? I love biting on this chicken flavoured stick!
I was tired and I just laid back while mummy tickled my neck and tummy.

Though I was tired, I just lay there, hoping mummy would play with me. I only went to bed when she switched off the light and went to bed.

The next morning, I woke up at 7am and started whining for attention. Mummy was still sound asleep. She was really tired after clearing up after me the whole day. She tried to ask me to be good, keep quiet and play on my own. It was only till she smellt my poo that she woke up.

I don't know how I got poo all over my paws. I poo-ed some on the pee tray, some outside. By the time mummy picked me up there was poo all over me. Mummy tried to clean my paws but it was already too late, I struggled and smeared poo all over mummy.

I can tell that she wasn't too happy about being smeared with poo at 7am in the morning. But she had no choice and put me in this big box to bathe me. I was rather scared but I couldn't get out. Mummy bathe me in warm water and wrapped me in the towel. It felt good to be clean again and I just lay still while mummy cleaned my ears and rubbed toothpaste on my teeth. I didn't quite like that but mummy was rather persistent. She even used a brush to comb my short hair.

I was quite scared in that box. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get out.

I'm so dark when I'm wet!

After that she set out to clean up my sh*t. =P It really stinks though. She finally cleared everything up, changed the newspaper and fed me. I was so hungry and gobbled everything up again.

Mummy was tired after everything and went back to bed around 9am. I kept whining till she barely slept 2 hours. She went out shortly and that was when my adventure started.

I was playing around, feeling bored. Somehow I managed to open up my playpen and squeezed out from a small hole. I explored mummy's room and went around. I didn't really mess anything up though. I'm a good boy. But, I poo-ed on the floor.

See that little hole at the bottom of the fences? I squeezed out throught there. And see those newspaper I tore apart? Those are quite fun really. That pile of poo outside, mummy really don't seem happy about it. But I can't help it, I didn't have enough time to squeeze back into the fences (not that I really want to go back there). Mummy was totally shocked when she came in to find that hole in the cage and I'm no where to be found. You should have seen that expression on her face! I was lazing happily on the nightgown mummy changed out of on the floor. =)

Mummy quickly picked me up and moved my cage into the toilet. I was so excited about my new-found freedom but she didn't seem to share that. I think she took quite some time to clean up her room to rid it of poo smell. She used a cloth with white vinegar and went on her fours (just like me!) to clean up the room.

Not long, daddy came over. I think he found out about my little (mis)adventure. *sigh. But he played with me. Soon, yiyi and cici came too. Mummy enlarged the tray and bought this smelly thing called the housebreaking aid and brought me to my pee tray, asking me to pee there. I still pee-ed outside quite a few times and mummy cleaned it all up with the vinegar. Obviously, I got scolded again.

I played and played till I was so tired. I needed a rest.

*yawns. Mummy got me a comfortabe blue towel for me to lie on and I feel asleep soon after.

That's me, sound asleep and as handsome as ever.

Yiyi and Cici stayed with me the whole afternoon, they even brought their storybooks and sat there, look at me sleep. That was so cute!

Mummy made cici and yiyi do some homework while I slept. All of them studied together: mummy, daddy, cici and yiyi.

Finally, they fed me dinner when I woke up. Needless to say, I gobbled everything up. Again.

I love my big playpen, I can run around! I love that soft little towel too. So I've been a good boy. I've been clean for more than 5 hours (that's a record!). Mummy seem happy that she doesn't need to clean me up and has rewarded me with treats for pee-ing in the tray.

Oh, did I mention that I think mummy wants me to lift my hand up to hers when she says 'shake hand'? She seem to like it when I life my paws up to her and she rewards me with treats. Sometimes, I'm too overwhelmed when I smell food that I forgot I had to do that before I get my treat. And sometimes, it's kinda hard for me to lift one of my paws - it's hard to balance! Well, I guess I shall try harder and make mummy happy so that I can have my treats!

It's time for bed and it's easier to sleep when I'm alone in the toilet and not distracted by mummy's movements. She drops by like every 30 minutes to check on me though. I catch her peeping at me sometimes and jump up when I head her coming. But other times, I'm just simply fast asleep, oblivious to everything.

Well, that sums up my eventful 2nd day at home. Let's hope tomorrow will be better. =)

Friday, November 16, 2007

.::.I'm home.::.

Mummy, daddy, cici and yiyi came to pick me up today. I was nice smelling and handsome. I bid goodbye to my friends there and went home with mummy.

Mummy ended up buying alot more food for me. They asked her not to change my food first and made mummy buy 2 packets of my current diet. There was also milk powder, canned food, brush, bowl, some gel to destress me and a bottle holder. I think my food can last me for like half a year!

I'm a hungry growing little boy. They said that I might be stressed in a new environment and might not eat much. But I licked up all the milk in the afternoon and gobbled up all my food, asking for more.

See me having my milk? I polished up every drop of it.

Finally, my meal time. I had Evangers chicken drumlets with my kibbles. *yummy! I licked the bowl even after there was nothing left.

And I drank alot of water, I pee everywhere. I think I pee-ed more than 10 times this afternoon and poor mummy had to keep wiping it up and cleaning it with white vinegar.

Mummy got me a pee tray with lots of my pee in it. But I'm too used to pee-ing anywhere, whenever I like it. Obviously I got scolded my mummy. Mummy even made my playpen smaller, into a triangle shape. It's so squeezy. I only have a small area to play and sleep, the pee tray took up half my playpen. I didn't like it. So finally, I pee-ed in my pee tray when mummy went to take her bath. She was quite happy though my paws had pee and I stepped everywhere. She didn't even mind that my toys ended up in the pee tray with my pee. =) See, I'm a clevery boy.

I was quite bored after daddy, cici and yiyi left. But mummy played with me and helped me to hold my raw hides while I bit them. I even got a massage! I'm so blessed.

And here I am, feeling tired after all the excitment today. I wanted to sleep, but once I hear some noises, I'm up and about again.

How can I miss out on any fun right?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

.::. Pictures of me! .::.

12th November' 2007

Joey sent mummy pictures of me as promised! Joey was telling mummy that she didn't need to come all the way to take pictures of me, and promised to send her pictures of me. But I like mummy to come visit me.

Joey took pictures of me when I wasn't looking, even when I was sleeping! I hope I still looked handsome in my sleep.

See, I still look handsome when I'm soundly asleep. I'm tired after playing with that toy. *yawns. Mummy better get me some toys else I'll be so bored. Which puppy doesn't like toys right?

I'm handsome at all angles!

Why am I being tickled? I know I've a funny expression when being tickled! Don't capture that on flim! *grrrrr

.::.Chinook Visited.::.

10th November' 2007

Mummy missed me so much the whole week. I want to go home too, but I'm stucked here still. Luckily the nice lady, Joey, who brought me here lets me use the internet to blog. Else I'll be bored stiff!

Mummy miss me so much that daddy drove her all the way to visit me. They almost couldn't make it in time as the shop was about to close. Joey saw daddy's car when she packed her things into her car, ready to leave. Justin (the other guy at the shop) even off-ed the lights. But Joey went in to bring me out. I was so surprised and happy! I just kept running about and waging my tail. Mummy carried me for awhile and took 2 picture of me before leaving me behind. =(

See! I'm such a handsome boy, in a beautiful shade of brown.

I was scared stiff! Mummy pointed something right infront of my face and there was this light. I almsot thought I was going to be shot! Luckily, that was only a camera phone and mummy just wanted a 'shot' of me. =)

I want to go home!

All my friends were green with envy. *hees. They kept barking but I didn't bother about them. They'll find a good home like me if they're lucky!

I hope mummy comes to bring me home soon.

Monday, November 12, 2007

.::.Chinook's Supplies.::.

5th November'2007
Mummy went to buy supplies for me today. That was fast! I think she's extremely excited about my arrival. Just too bad I can only go home with her on the 16th as I need 2 weeks to 'rest' after my injection. They say I'll be weak and can get sick easily, so I can't go home yet. They don't know better! I'm such a strong little puppy!
Mummy was telling her good friend all about me and how she got me. Ju jiejie was telling mummy all about looking after me and what to buy for me, how to take care of me. Mummy spent almost 2 hours choosing things for me at Vivo's Pet Safari! She's such a slow poke. She'd better walk faster when she brings me on walks. I can run really fast!

She shopped for 2 hours and only bought these! Where's my toys? I don't even have a bowl for my food nor my water! And there's not enough treats for me! How is she going to train me without treats? I'm not going to do any tricks for her without some reward you know.

Mummy bought me a blue paw-print leash with a turquoise collar. Luckily Ju jiejie stopped her from buying me any pinkish-girlish ones. I'm a boy! And though I can't see colours, I don't want others thinking that I'm a girl. *yucks!

And here are the canned food. Looks delicious! But mummy is regretting buying me this because she heard that it's salty and isn't very healthy for me. But all my friends love it and I want to try it too! It won't hurt to have a good meal once in a while right?

And these are for cleaning me up, though I'm a clean and nice-smelling boy most of the time. My ears need cleaning, so do my teeth. I don't want to get rotten teeth! But mummy kinda got cheated getting the joints supplement and that expensive shampoo for me. Supplements are for older dogs, not cute and handsome puppies like me! My bones are still strong and I just need a balanced diet! My mummy's too paranoid, she's afraid that I might have spinal problems because of my long body. But, how many times must I emphasize that I'm a strong and healthy boy! Not to mention handsome of course.

Mummy got the kibbles the shop guy reccomended. *sigh. Why did she stupidly believe that Royal Canin is the 'best' and it's from France?! It's made from dehydrated poultry meat (what meat?!), contains corn (which they write maize to trick people) and it contains unknown animal fats! I could feast on much nicer and healthier food with that price! Think I'm stuck with that though, luckily it's a small packet. Mummy better get me some better food in future! A hungry growing puppy needs his nutrients.

And look at that small packet of treats. It's NOT ENOUGH! I need more treats so that I can learn more tricks. Where are my toys?! I need to chew!

My mummy happily set up a corner in the bathroom for me. But this lousy plastic thing dropped after awhile. She needs to get me better containers for me things. This won't do!

And this is my corner in the house. Mummy's going to put my play pen here so that I can have plenty of air and sunlight with the window opened 24/7. She wants me to prove that I can be trusted before letting me roam the house freely.

I sure hope I can go home soon!