Wednesday, October 15, 2008

{ Guarding my favourite rope toy }

Apart from food (any kind really!), I love my toys. I love rope toys in particular, apart from the ginger breadman toy which is only a piece of cloth left - all the fluff is taken out by me! But still, I sleep with it in my arms sometimes.

But I love my rope toys too. I can get the knots at the 2 ends untied in a matter of days, and what's left will be a big messy bunch of rope. But sometimes, I do cherish my toys and try to make it last longer.

Here is my newest rope toy. The previous pink one is one big messy heap somewhere. I even sleep with my new toy! I'm afraid someone (like mummy hrmps!) might steal it while I sleep!

I was really trying very hard to guard my favourite toy. But I was tired, what can a dog do?

I tried to change positions and hide my rope toy somewhere, further from mummy.

BUT...I think I got really tired and ended up like that. Opps. Mummy snapped away happily. "Just as I thought you've ran out of sleeping positions!" she said.

Luckily, I still have my rope toy now, nobody tried to steal it. *phew.

Do you guard your toys and beloved belongings too? Do keep those important to you close to you, just like I do!

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Friday, September 19, 2008

{ I love Sleeping! }

Mummy got me a new bed for my birthday. It's a nice big couch-liked bed which I can only sleep on when I'm in her room. There's one other old bed around, but I've bitten holes in it and got some fluff out. *opps. Obviously, Mummy isn't too pleased and insisted that this new bed can only be beside her bed.

I rush to the bed everytime, and I totally love it. I love sleeping and lazing on it - in werid positions!

Oh no, my paws can't block out the flash light.

Hmm...are you taking a picture of me?

*looks away.

I'm so sick of this, just take all you want!!
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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

{ Swimming Adventure }
Last weekend, Mummy suddenly decided to bring me to the beach since Daddy came with the car. They've been talking about it for eons, and finally, they put the plan into action.
Mummy had to pack plenty of things such as towels, water, food, mat, toiletries etc. Everything was stuffed into a big beach bag and we were ready.

That's me, sitting comfortable on Mummy's lap at the front seat. I think I was smiling.
I was quite excited, looking out at the scenery and cars zooming past.
But it soon got tiring to sit upright and I made myself comfortable.
When we reached, it started raining!! Luckily it stopped after awhile and Mummy carried me and eased me into the water. It was my first time afterall, and I'm not quite sure if I can really swim.

Hmm...I was thinking hard about how I should kick my legs to stay afloat.

And when Mummy let me into the water, everything came naturally!! My legs began to kick vigorously and my tail started wagging.

I was quite fast really, but I keep trying to swim to Mummy and cling onto her. She had to keep running away and I had to keep swimming faster to get to her.

I was really enjoying myself! But it's really quite tiring since my legs are so short and I've a long body, my legs have to kick really hard!!

Mummy pulled a fast one on me, and I had to do a u-turn to get to her. Mummy almost thought I was going to drown!

And after a few short swims, I finally got out. Gosh, it was tiring!

Then I started shaking myself dry. Why do I look so funny here?

There was quite abit going on at the beach you know, so much sand, so many people.

Yawns. I've sand on my face.

I had a shower soon after, and it was so cold!!

And where was daddy the whole time? He didn't bring clothes and didn't get wet, he just hung around and laughed at us. He carried me while Mummy had her bath though, and it was so comfortable and warm. See me hugging his arm?
I'm looking forward to my next adventure already!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

{ New Toys! }

Recently, I've got quite a few new toys. Well, it's all thanks to myself - because I managed to spoil all of them in a very short time so that Mummy can replace them with new ones.

I've bitten up so many of them, and even managed to get ALL the fluff out.

Everytime before Mummy gives me my toy, she'll make me stay while she snaps away. I'd have to stay still while she dangles the toy infront of me and take all the pictures she want.

It's abit of a bother. I don't understand why I just have my toy - ain't it for me in the first place?

It takes a long time sometimes. And it gets boring.

All I've eyes for, is the cute little toy. I'm simply alert and all ready for the 'OK' signal.

That's when all the fun starts.
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Friday, August 1, 2008

.::. Long Time No See .::.

Mummy just came back from Hong Kong. But she didn't buy me anything this time round. I was well taken care of though.

Just recently, Mummy let me into her room to sleep with her everynight. I used to go back to my 'room' to sleep when she's going to bed. But now, I'm following her around all the time. I station myself beside her bed so that whenever she moves or get up, I'm all ready to follow.

She managed to take a compromising picture of me while I was sleeping! Gosh. I was making myself comfortable!

She accidentally made some noise and I jumped up. Totally scared the hell out of me.

It was so embrassing being caught on flim in THAT position. I make it a point to curl up the right way to sleep now.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

.::. I'm back! .::.

Mummy has finally finished her exams, but she's still busy all the time. But I get abit more attention and company lately!

Mummy has been giving me lots of knot 'bones' to bite, and I love them! I can work on them for hours non-stop till they become a sheet of crumpled paper. It's such an accomplishment!

Here are the pictures of me in action!

Mummy thought this picture looked really cute, like my eyes could talk. But seriously, I just wanted to bite in peace!

Do I look like a statue? Mummy thought so.

And lastly, this is my favourite pose at my favourite spot - under the study table. =)
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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

{ Snow! }

Just a quick one before Mummy wants to use her laptop to study again.

I saw snow for the first time yesterday!

And I'm proud to say that...

I was the one who created it

See the huge amount of snow? Mummy had to sweep them up.

I wonder why my doggie toy has lost so much weight. Hmm...

I haven't had much time to say hi to my frens out there, but I'll be back in a few weeks - after Mummy's exams end. I want to go on an adventure again too!
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Saturday, May 3, 2008

{ After a Bath }

This is me, looking handsome after a bath. I quite like baths now, I just stand still and let Mummy spray me with water and soap me. It's just like what you hooman call 'spa' because I get massaged and my coat gets some conditioner. Mummy had to put me in a big tub and even then, I kept jumping up, trying to get out. Now, I'm no longer afraid and I bathe without a tub.

I've grown really long. I mean, REALLY long. Mummy says I have a big butt, I say I've a nice and shapely butt, even a nice waist. It's what you hoomans hope for, slim and slender with a nice waist and butt!

Another reason I love baths is that Mummy cleans up my rooms and changes the toys in there when she bathes me every week.

Actually, the real reason why I love baths so much is that I smell nice after a nice bath, some powder and a brushing AND I get treats for being obedient after baths.

Not only I get baths. My clothes, towels and toys get baths all the time too.

Oh, and this was what I did that created a 'waterfall' last week. This nice metal pipe behind the toilet bowl. It suddenly caught my attention after so many months and it was a nice chew. Before I knew it, there was weird noises and water kept falling on me from everywhere. I had quite a scare till Mummy's mum heard the noises and came to rescue me.

This is a close-up view of what I did. Luckily Mummy's mum managed to stop the water and clean up the mess before Mummy came home. Mummy would have been upset because the bitter stuff she sprays on it doesn't help. Now, the toilet bowl doesn't work and Mummy has to bring the poo downstairs. I wonder when Mummy's getting it fixed because it's connected to the wall and everyone's afraid that I might bite it up once it gets fixed. Hmm..

Oh, and this is what's left of my bed. It looks worst now actually. It has my teeth marks everywhere, with holes!

I wonder if Mummy's going to get me another bed. I know she loves those lovely looking beds, but she just doesn't dare to buy them for me, fearing that I might tear even those expensive ones up. Perhaps I should ask for that as my birthday present? I guess I won't tear them up after my teeth are all out?

Lastly, I've managed to make snow out of the new doggie toy. It was fun, so much snow. I shall show you what's left of my doggie toy the next time. It's still as long though it longer has ears and has grown alot thinner.

Mummy's exams are going to last one more month. One more month! *barks.