Sunday, August 3, 2008

{ New Toys! }

Recently, I've got quite a few new toys. Well, it's all thanks to myself - because I managed to spoil all of them in a very short time so that Mummy can replace them with new ones.

I've bitten up so many of them, and even managed to get ALL the fluff out.

Everytime before Mummy gives me my toy, she'll make me stay while she snaps away. I'd have to stay still while she dangles the toy infront of me and take all the pictures she want.

It's abit of a bother. I don't understand why I just have my toy - ain't it for me in the first place?

It takes a long time sometimes. And it gets boring.

All I've eyes for, is the cute little toy. I'm simply alert and all ready for the 'OK' signal.

That's when all the fun starts.
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Lorenza said...

Hi, Chinook!
I guess your Mom makes you wait for your new toys because it takes more time than the one you use to destroy them!
I love all your waiting for my toy pictures!
Kisses and hugs