Wednesday, October 15, 2008

{ Guarding my favourite rope toy }

Apart from food (any kind really!), I love my toys. I love rope toys in particular, apart from the ginger breadman toy which is only a piece of cloth left - all the fluff is taken out by me! But still, I sleep with it in my arms sometimes.

But I love my rope toys too. I can get the knots at the 2 ends untied in a matter of days, and what's left will be a big messy bunch of rope. But sometimes, I do cherish my toys and try to make it last longer.

Here is my newest rope toy. The previous pink one is one big messy heap somewhere. I even sleep with my new toy! I'm afraid someone (like mummy hrmps!) might steal it while I sleep!

I was really trying very hard to guard my favourite toy. But I was tired, what can a dog do?

I tried to change positions and hide my rope toy somewhere, further from mummy.

BUT...I think I got really tired and ended up like that. Opps. Mummy snapped away happily. "Just as I thought you've ran out of sleeping positions!" she said.

Luckily, I still have my rope toy now, nobody tried to steal it. *phew.

Do you guard your toys and beloved belongings too? Do keep those important to you close to you, just like I do!

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