Wednesday, May 21, 2008

{ Snow! }

Just a quick one before Mummy wants to use her laptop to study again.

I saw snow for the first time yesterday!

And I'm proud to say that...

I was the one who created it

See the huge amount of snow? Mummy had to sweep them up.

I wonder why my doggie toy has lost so much weight. Hmm...

I haven't had much time to say hi to my frens out there, but I'll be back in a few weeks - after Mummy's exams end. I want to go on an adventure again too!
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Saturday, May 3, 2008

{ After a Bath }

This is me, looking handsome after a bath. I quite like baths now, I just stand still and let Mummy spray me with water and soap me. It's just like what you hooman call 'spa' because I get massaged and my coat gets some conditioner. Mummy had to put me in a big tub and even then, I kept jumping up, trying to get out. Now, I'm no longer afraid and I bathe without a tub.

I've grown really long. I mean, REALLY long. Mummy says I have a big butt, I say I've a nice and shapely butt, even a nice waist. It's what you hoomans hope for, slim and slender with a nice waist and butt!

Another reason I love baths is that Mummy cleans up my rooms and changes the toys in there when she bathes me every week.

Actually, the real reason why I love baths so much is that I smell nice after a nice bath, some powder and a brushing AND I get treats for being obedient after baths.

Not only I get baths. My clothes, towels and toys get baths all the time too.

Oh, and this was what I did that created a 'waterfall' last week. This nice metal pipe behind the toilet bowl. It suddenly caught my attention after so many months and it was a nice chew. Before I knew it, there was weird noises and water kept falling on me from everywhere. I had quite a scare till Mummy's mum heard the noises and came to rescue me.

This is a close-up view of what I did. Luckily Mummy's mum managed to stop the water and clean up the mess before Mummy came home. Mummy would have been upset because the bitter stuff she sprays on it doesn't help. Now, the toilet bowl doesn't work and Mummy has to bring the poo downstairs. I wonder when Mummy's getting it fixed because it's connected to the wall and everyone's afraid that I might bite it up once it gets fixed. Hmm..

Oh, and this is what's left of my bed. It looks worst now actually. It has my teeth marks everywhere, with holes!

I wonder if Mummy's going to get me another bed. I know she loves those lovely looking beds, but she just doesn't dare to buy them for me, fearing that I might tear even those expensive ones up. Perhaps I should ask for that as my birthday present? I guess I won't tear them up after my teeth are all out?

Lastly, I've managed to make snow out of the new doggie toy. It was fun, so much snow. I shall show you what's left of my doggie toy the next time. It's still as long though it longer has ears and has grown alot thinner.

Mummy's exams are going to last one more month. One more month! *barks.

Friday, May 2, 2008

{ Studying }

I've been staying up with Mummy to study till late these days. *yawns. But most of the time I fall asleep on my bed right by Mummy's chair. I think she should play with me intsead. Isn't that much more fun than staring at those thick books ?
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