Wednesday, July 8, 2009

{ Adventure! }

Daddy and Mummy brought me out one Sunday afternoon. I was wondering...where??!! As usual I was enjoying my car ride, looking at cars fly by.

We finally reached Botanic Gardens! It was quite embarassing while we were in the carpark getting out of the car. Well, I've this fear of all things with wheels and makes noise. When I got out of the car, the car beside us suddenly BARKED into life!! It scared the hell out of me and I ran ride below the car to hide, with my head sticking out.

Luckily Mummy was too busy trying to get me out quickly and did not manage to snap a picture with my small head sticking out from below the car. *phew. The owners of the other car were waiting for us to move since we were blocking their way. Thank dog, the day went well after that and we had fun strolling the park.

Here is a picture of some kids picnicking under the beautiful shelter by the lake.

And this is me! It was a hot day and my tongue didn't find its way back to my mouth at all.

We stopped to have a rest and a water break. Hee. I was too excited to drink much!

After some distance, we passed by the snack bar and had another break while Mummy went to get some cold drinks. The weather is ridiculously hot these days, it's like living in an oven.

Ahh. Actually, I was scared. There were so many people around and I felt safer hiding behind daddy's leg, under the bench with my head peeking out to look out for Mummy.

We sat at the bench outside the orchid garden. But there's an entrance fee for the garden and I'm not sure if I'm allowed in there.

It was almost 3pm when the hoomans sat down and have their lunch. It's cool here! Many hoomans eat with their dogs below the table. Most restaurants here don't allow pets AT ALL. Quite a few doggies wanted to make friends with me, but I was simply too shy!

This is the weird pizza Mummy ordered. And daddy exclaimed "Why the pizza look like that?!" when the manager served us. So embarassing!

Mummy had a field day taking picturs of me. *sigh.

It got cloudy like it was going to rain, and we walked back to the car. On the way back, we saw this big grass field with many people lazing around. There was even a big dog rolling on the grass with a few kids! Ahh too bad we didn't get bring our mats. I'll be back for a picnic here for sure!!

And this is the parting shot. I thought it looked beautiful.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

{ Tongues Out }

It has been awhile, but things are still very much the same. Mummy is still busy, working and studying. Daddy is busy studying and building his racing car for the May competition in U.S.A. Luckily, there still spend time to play with me and I'm still the happy little boy.

I seldom stick my tongue out much, unless Daddy plays with me and get me very excited, while Mummy happily snap my happy moments. I don't like the flash, but I've to admit that it's nice looking at these pretty pictures (of me!).

I didn't know I looked this happy!

There were times I was too tired and had to rest for abit. But still, I'm happy!

I wonder what I was looking at.

I stole Daddy's sock and bit a hole in it. It is now my favourite new toy. Even Daddy loves playing with me using the sock, because it's elastic and we play tug-of-war. Of course, I always win. Look at how much strength I'm using! The trick is to lean back and pull hard using all your weight and strength while making sure that you bite the sock really tightly.

I sleep with these socks these days. Daddy thinks his sock is a better toy than those rope toys which don't last (I bite them up really fast). He says he's going to bring all his old socks here so I can play with them!! *yayyy!

Get your hoomans to give you their old socks to play too!!

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

{ DSLR }

If you noticed, the previous pictures seem to be somewhat clearer. It's because Mummy got an SLR for her birthday. And poor me, I've become the guinea dog.

Oh no, pictures again??

Let me strike a seductive pose.

Oh my, still not enough? I'm tired.

Look at my torn and tattered rope toy behind me!

I think these photo shots are never-ending.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

{ Recent Adventures }

Mummy has been really busy since she started working and studying part-time at night. I still do get some company everyday, but there's simply not enough time to blog.

Recently there was the Chinese New Year which was just over. There was many gatherings and people coming to my house. I went to Mummy's aunt place too. There were so many people and I managed to play in the playground too. This was the exciting slide!

And I went up this special thing called a see-saw. But I think Mummy's not feeding me enough because I'm stucked up there and couldn't do anything at all. I'm too light!!

I've no idea why people love touching me.

Look at the number of hands! I find it funny.

Hope you dogs are having fun like me too!
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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

{ Guarding my favourite rope toy }

Apart from food (any kind really!), I love my toys. I love rope toys in particular, apart from the ginger breadman toy which is only a piece of cloth left - all the fluff is taken out by me! But still, I sleep with it in my arms sometimes.

But I love my rope toys too. I can get the knots at the 2 ends untied in a matter of days, and what's left will be a big messy bunch of rope. But sometimes, I do cherish my toys and try to make it last longer.

Here is my newest rope toy. The previous pink one is one big messy heap somewhere. I even sleep with my new toy! I'm afraid someone (like mummy hrmps!) might steal it while I sleep!

I was really trying very hard to guard my favourite toy. But I was tired, what can a dog do?

I tried to change positions and hide my rope toy somewhere, further from mummy.

BUT...I think I got really tired and ended up like that. Opps. Mummy snapped away happily. "Just as I thought you've ran out of sleeping positions!" she said.

Luckily, I still have my rope toy now, nobody tried to steal it. *phew.

Do you guard your toys and beloved belongings too? Do keep those important to you close to you, just like I do!

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Friday, September 19, 2008

{ I love Sleeping! }

Mummy got me a new bed for my birthday. It's a nice big couch-liked bed which I can only sleep on when I'm in her room. There's one other old bed around, but I've bitten holes in it and got some fluff out. *opps. Obviously, Mummy isn't too pleased and insisted that this new bed can only be beside her bed.

I rush to the bed everytime, and I totally love it. I love sleeping and lazing on it - in werid positions!

Oh no, my paws can't block out the flash light.

Hmm...are you taking a picture of me?

*looks away.

I'm so sick of this, just take all you want!!
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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

{ Swimming Adventure }
Last weekend, Mummy suddenly decided to bring me to the beach since Daddy came with the car. They've been talking about it for eons, and finally, they put the plan into action.
Mummy had to pack plenty of things such as towels, water, food, mat, toiletries etc. Everything was stuffed into a big beach bag and we were ready.

That's me, sitting comfortable on Mummy's lap at the front seat. I think I was smiling.
I was quite excited, looking out at the scenery and cars zooming past.
But it soon got tiring to sit upright and I made myself comfortable.
When we reached, it started raining!! Luckily it stopped after awhile and Mummy carried me and eased me into the water. It was my first time afterall, and I'm not quite sure if I can really swim.

Hmm...I was thinking hard about how I should kick my legs to stay afloat.

And when Mummy let me into the water, everything came naturally!! My legs began to kick vigorously and my tail started wagging.

I was quite fast really, but I keep trying to swim to Mummy and cling onto her. She had to keep running away and I had to keep swimming faster to get to her.

I was really enjoying myself! But it's really quite tiring since my legs are so short and I've a long body, my legs have to kick really hard!!

Mummy pulled a fast one on me, and I had to do a u-turn to get to her. Mummy almost thought I was going to drown!

And after a few short swims, I finally got out. Gosh, it was tiring!

Then I started shaking myself dry. Why do I look so funny here?

There was quite abit going on at the beach you know, so much sand, so many people.

Yawns. I've sand on my face.

I had a shower soon after, and it was so cold!!

And where was daddy the whole time? He didn't bring clothes and didn't get wet, he just hung around and laughed at us. He carried me while Mummy had her bath though, and it was so comfortable and warm. See me hugging his arm?
I'm looking forward to my next adventure already!