Saturday, February 16, 2008

.::. CNY Day 3 .::.

I was hoping that I can go out, because I sensed that Mummy is going to her friend's place for a gathering. She even made oven-baked chicken which smells so nice, but I didn't get any!

But at least, she brought me! She came to brush me with some powder and got me dressed up in this new red checkered shirt she got in Bangkok last December. She has been planning to let me wear it on CNY, because it's red.

But, it wasn't meant to be. Guess why?

Because the shirt was way too small. It's gaping open, 2 inches apart! There's no way I can wear this!

See? The gap is so huge! And it felt like something's tugging me.

I realised that my shirt matched Daddy's shirt! And of course, I was really excited and went over to give him a good lick.

So I had to wear my SuperDog mini-tee again. It's mini but at least it FITS.

I made it to Mummy's friend's place looking good as usual. And I was quite excited when everyone played with me.

So much that I became alittle tired. *yawns.

I snuggled in Daddy's arms and got comfortable.

And had a good rest there. It feels almost as good as Mummy's lap!

Okay, Mummy did feed me before they started anything. But, I would have liked to join in and actually eat with them or try their food!

They 'lao' yusheng, which is this Chinese New Year tradition. There's carrots and some (unknown) shreded vegetables which they'll mix with various sweet sauce and crackers, topped with smoked salmon or even jelly fish. Everytime you pour a sauce in, you must say a 'nice' chinese idiom. Everyone will then gather around it and mix everything up using their chopsticks. The higher you lift the chopsticks, the better it is! Sometimes it gets messy and things get dropped out of the plate. Sadly, none dropped on the floor.

I stayed below the table while they ate. It was pot-luck and they cooked waaaayyy too much! There's only 8 people but you can feed like 20 people with these food! I was glad to help them finish up their food, but Mummy wouldn't let me - she says she doesn't want me to develop a bad habit. But what's so bad about HELPING to finish up unfinished food?

I went around getting everyone's attention by licking them. Yet none of them bothered about me. I think they must be too engrossed in their meal, just like how I'll ignore everyone and everything while I'm eating.

They played cards through the night and I was in Mummy's or Daddy's arms or playing with her friends.

Oh, and I didn't manage to hold my pee for 9 hours. In fact, I pee-ed on the floor after like 5 hours. I mean, my pee tray is at home right? Luckily, I didn't get scolded, Mummy just rushed to clean up my pee with toilet paper and wet tissues.

I enjoyed Chinese New Year, because I got to go out and spend the whole day with Mummy!

When's the next Chinese New Year?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

{ CNY Day 2 }

On the second day (yesterday), Mummy brought me over to Daddy's place for Lunch! I finally get to visit Daddy's place!!

There's this pomerian which they played with yesterday (without me *hrmpz) who follows me everywhere. They say he's overweight and lazy because his owner has never brought him on walks. But I think he's quite energetic! He keeps following me everywhere, trying to lick me and climb on me. I kept trying to run away and he was running just fine. He was panting really heavily after alittle while though.

I always end up on the floor, showing my belly. Oh well, it was all fun. But they tried to keep him away from me since it made him too excited and he panted so heavily we were afraid that he might get a heart attack or something. We walked to the cold storage nearby and he was panting so loudly that I was rather amused. It was just a short walk! I think he should go for more walks to stay strong like me!

They say he's gay because he kept licking me on the lips, like he's trying to french kiss me. And he kept licking me 'down there' and everywhere! I don't know what that means though, I think he just likes me very much. He's a 5-year-old male pomerian. I think I'm quite fated with pomerians since they're the only dogs I get to play with.

I spent the day at Daddy's place and Daddy's dad really like dogs. He thinks I should get my tail cut off so I'll be more 'brave'. Thank god Mummy loves my tail especially when I wag it really violently since its the best way to know how I'm feeling.

I got really tired after a whole day out. I held me pee and poo for like 9 hours because I refused to pee even when Mummy brought me out to the grass patches and garden outside. I kept jumping in the grass and got very hyper that I didn't pee at all.

Thus when I'm finally home at 10pm at night, clever Mummy rushed me back to my room and I literally ran to my pee tray to pee AND poo. *phew. That sure felt good. I try really hard to hold till I'm back to my own pee tray. That's where I'm supposed to do by business anyway!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

{ CNY Eve and Day 1 }

Mummy has been really busy before the CNY. She was throwing out some stuff, clearing up the place. So, that means I've been bored. Not to mention that it rained quite abit in the evening and I missed my walks.

Somehow, I've grown really long and my hind legs are so strong that I can jump really high. Mummy keeps the toilet paper on top of the toilet bowl. It has always been safe there, till now that is.

So I had a really great time shreding that new roll of toilet paper and managed to create snow in my own room. It's a good way to pass time you know. I was at it for such a long time that I needed a rest.

And there's my bed, which has no base now. I've bitten it out bit by bit till there's nothing left. It's really a nice toy, shaped like a ring. Sometimes I just try to hold it up and go round and round that hole. Of course, it's a nice chew toy too.

Well, Mummy basically let me play with it and bite it all I want since I can't seem to do much damage to it. But she was wrong!! I managed to bite a hole and get those pieces of sponge out from it!! I feel so accomplished. But now, Mummy cleared up all the sponge and I can't find that part of my bed anymore. =(

On New Year's Eve, Mummy bathe me and cleaned up my room. She cut my nails, cleaned my ears, brushed my teeth, put nice-smelling powder on me and brushed my short hair. She went on to clean up her room. I was really happy because she let me hang around while she did her stuff. I did't disturb her, I just followed her everywhere she went.

I was really curious about this machine she took out. I was smelling it till it suddenly came to life and made a very loud and awful sound. I think it's a monster that sucks everything in. I was really scared and ran for cover. I tried to get back into my room, but the gate was closed. I ended up sitting outside my room, peeping at Mummy and that monster. Boy, I've NEVER felt like going back to my room!

So Mummy had her reunion dinner at home - steamboat, without me! She fed me first and went downstairs for dinner. I had a treat though, some really tasty beef with my kibbles. She even went out to the movies and Chinatown after dinner. Without me again!

She came back really late, empty handed. And the next morning, which is the first day of Chinese New year, she barely climbed out of bed and got me dressed. Daddy had to come over to wake her up! She says she's sick and the medicine knocked her out, I think she's just plain lazy though.

So I was happily playing with my Ginger breadman toy - which is stil intact surprisingly! I felt really handsome. But I've outgrown my top so much that they can only button the upper 2 buckles, not the third one. It's like a mini tee now and I'll need a new one next year!

Oh well, it really wasn't that comfortable and I tried to bite it alittle.

I was up and about, running around Mummy's room in circles. I thought I was going out! But Mummy and Daddy left without me. She went over to Daddy's place to 'Bai Nian'.

I was left at home the whole day. The worst thing was she went over to Daddy's place to play with this pomerian called baby. Daddy's aunt it helping her fried look after him these few weeks because her friend went for an operation. How can she play with other dogs and not bring me??!!

I was really unhappy when I smelt it once she came home.

Luckily she brought me out to her Aunt's place just next door with everyone there. I had fun with all the attention I got.

CNY Day 1 wasn't that good. Day 2 and Day 3 (today) was alot better - I got to go out! Shall try to blog about them real soon.

Happy Chinese New Year! Hope your CNY was as pawsome as mine. =D

Friday, February 1, 2008

{ Scaredy Dog }

It's kind of embarassing, but I'm really afraid of stairs. Somehow, when Mummy and everyone else try to put me on the stairs, I stay rooted to where I am, I hardly dare to move!

They've tried all sorts of methods, from coaxing me to trying to trick me. But even food didn't work. I really wanted that treat, but.....I just didn't dare to move.

This ain't good because there's ALOT of stairs in my house. My room is on the 3rd storey, but I dare not go down unless Mummy carries me. *sigh. That means I can't follow Mummy wherever she goes. When she walks down the stairs, I can only stare at her. Is such fear normal??

Oh, and I love biting things. My bed is totally torn. The base has become a big hole. And remember that tennis ball rope toy Mummy bought for me when we went to her aunt's house? It looks like this now.

It's such a fun toy. I think I need a new one. MUMMY!!!

Mummy has been giving me treats after my walks these days. Despite increasing my food by 25%, I'm still slim and lean. Did I mention that I'm a good runner? I run so fast that Mummy has trouble keeping up, not to mention that I manage to make her a dog!

I love the 2km runs, though I think 3-4 times a week is not enough! I get really tired after that though. I usually fall asleep after my runs.

Obviously, my favourite place is Mummy's tummy. It's almost as good as that comfy bed in the hotel. Almost.

Oh, Chinese New Year is coming and Mummy has been throwing out stuff, cleaning everything. And I think it's going to be fun, because I've got a new outfit. It's gold in colour and looks really good. I heard there's going to be some pawty and everyone will be visiting each other's house too. I hope Mummy lets me tag along too! =D
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