Friday, February 1, 2008

{ Scaredy Dog }

It's kind of embarassing, but I'm really afraid of stairs. Somehow, when Mummy and everyone else try to put me on the stairs, I stay rooted to where I am, I hardly dare to move!

They've tried all sorts of methods, from coaxing me to trying to trick me. But even food didn't work. I really wanted that treat, but.....I just didn't dare to move.

This ain't good because there's ALOT of stairs in my house. My room is on the 3rd storey, but I dare not go down unless Mummy carries me. *sigh. That means I can't follow Mummy wherever she goes. When she walks down the stairs, I can only stare at her. Is such fear normal??

Oh, and I love biting things. My bed is totally torn. The base has become a big hole. And remember that tennis ball rope toy Mummy bought for me when we went to her aunt's house? It looks like this now.

It's such a fun toy. I think I need a new one. MUMMY!!!

Mummy has been giving me treats after my walks these days. Despite increasing my food by 25%, I'm still slim and lean. Did I mention that I'm a good runner? I run so fast that Mummy has trouble keeping up, not to mention that I manage to make her a dog!

I love the 2km runs, though I think 3-4 times a week is not enough! I get really tired after that though. I usually fall asleep after my runs.

Obviously, my favourite place is Mummy's tummy. It's almost as good as that comfy bed in the hotel. Almost.

Oh, Chinese New Year is coming and Mummy has been throwing out stuff, cleaning everything. And I think it's going to be fun, because I've got a new outfit. It's gold in colour and looks really good. I heard there's going to be some pawty and everyone will be visiting each other's house too. I hope Mummy lets me tag along too! =D
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Anonymous said...

I think your mum is lucky you are never going to be too big for her to carry up and down the stairs!!!



rayheHi Cutie,

don't you worry at bit. you are still a puppy and beleive the Mommy before you know it they won't be able to keep you off the stairs. My brudder Jacks used couldn't but now his new Mommy said he is always racing up and down them.

you looks so cute asleep on your Mommy's tummy and so tiny. Me thinks your Mommy doesn't mind caring you around.

Love ya.....Mona

Amber-Mae said...

Chinook, hope you'll be able to learn how to go up & down the stairs soon but actually, Dachshunds are not encouraged to use the stairs too often as you guys have very short legs & sometimes may accidentally trip or topple down. So, just becareful especially when you run & down coz you really don't wanna hurt or break something. Do take mah advice aight? Anyway, pawsome job with that tennis ball! I've killed a few of mine too but I now regret doing it becoz once I'm done, I realize that I actually destroyed it!!! And then I won't have any more...My hoomans been cleaning up the house too. I'm enjoying watching them do all the work!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Lorenza said...

Hi, Chinook!
I was thinking the same as Amber. It is supposed that we, dachsies, should not go up and down stairs. I don't want you to get hurt! Be careful please.
Is there any way you can make your mom to take you more often for walkies?? I know how much you love them!
Kisses and hugs