Saturday, February 9, 2008

{ CNY Eve and Day 1 }

Mummy has been really busy before the CNY. She was throwing out some stuff, clearing up the place. So, that means I've been bored. Not to mention that it rained quite abit in the evening and I missed my walks.

Somehow, I've grown really long and my hind legs are so strong that I can jump really high. Mummy keeps the toilet paper on top of the toilet bowl. It has always been safe there, till now that is.

So I had a really great time shreding that new roll of toilet paper and managed to create snow in my own room. It's a good way to pass time you know. I was at it for such a long time that I needed a rest.

And there's my bed, which has no base now. I've bitten it out bit by bit till there's nothing left. It's really a nice toy, shaped like a ring. Sometimes I just try to hold it up and go round and round that hole. Of course, it's a nice chew toy too.

Well, Mummy basically let me play with it and bite it all I want since I can't seem to do much damage to it. But she was wrong!! I managed to bite a hole and get those pieces of sponge out from it!! I feel so accomplished. But now, Mummy cleared up all the sponge and I can't find that part of my bed anymore. =(

On New Year's Eve, Mummy bathe me and cleaned up my room. She cut my nails, cleaned my ears, brushed my teeth, put nice-smelling powder on me and brushed my short hair. She went on to clean up her room. I was really happy because she let me hang around while she did her stuff. I did't disturb her, I just followed her everywhere she went.

I was really curious about this machine she took out. I was smelling it till it suddenly came to life and made a very loud and awful sound. I think it's a monster that sucks everything in. I was really scared and ran for cover. I tried to get back into my room, but the gate was closed. I ended up sitting outside my room, peeping at Mummy and that monster. Boy, I've NEVER felt like going back to my room!

So Mummy had her reunion dinner at home - steamboat, without me! She fed me first and went downstairs for dinner. I had a treat though, some really tasty beef with my kibbles. She even went out to the movies and Chinatown after dinner. Without me again!

She came back really late, empty handed. And the next morning, which is the first day of Chinese New year, she barely climbed out of bed and got me dressed. Daddy had to come over to wake her up! She says she's sick and the medicine knocked her out, I think she's just plain lazy though.

So I was happily playing with my Ginger breadman toy - which is stil intact surprisingly! I felt really handsome. But I've outgrown my top so much that they can only button the upper 2 buckles, not the third one. It's like a mini tee now and I'll need a new one next year!

Oh well, it really wasn't that comfortable and I tried to bite it alittle.

I was up and about, running around Mummy's room in circles. I thought I was going out! But Mummy and Daddy left without me. She went over to Daddy's place to 'Bai Nian'.

I was left at home the whole day. The worst thing was she went over to Daddy's place to play with this pomerian called baby. Daddy's aunt it helping her fried look after him these few weeks because her friend went for an operation. How can she play with other dogs and not bring me??!!

I was really unhappy when I smelt it once she came home.

Luckily she brought me out to her Aunt's place just next door with everyone there. I had fun with all the attention I got.

CNY Day 1 wasn't that good. Day 2 and Day 3 (today) was alot better - I got to go out! Shall try to blog about them real soon.

Happy Chinese New Year! Hope your CNY was as pawsome as mine. =D


Lorenza said...

Hi, Chinook!
Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family!
Good job with your bed! Are you going to get a new one??
You look very handsome wearing that shirt!
Kisses and hugs

Amber-Mae said...

Chinook, woah! You did a pawsome job with that toilet roll & bed! Keep up the good work! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer