Tuesday, November 20, 2007

.::.I'm angry.::.

I have been a notti boy and mummy's angry. I keep biting my 'bed', I keep pee-ing outside my tray, I tore up the newspaper in the tray TWICE and I keep sitting in my pee tray. All these in one morning, and mummy's really angry and tired of cleaning up.

Mummy can't understand why I get it right sometimes but wrong alot of the other times. She keeps telling me and bring me to the tray, yet I'm still so inconsistent that I dirty myself and my whole playpen.

And when mummy keep getting me out of the pee tray and scolded me, I got angry and barked at mummy with that *grrrrr sound. Mummy's quite sad about it. It's the first time I got angry and barked at mummy. I seldom even bark. She seems quite exasperated with me too.

But the pee tray in comfortable because it's softer. And I refuse to sit on my usual spot - on my 'bed' because it has got pee on it. At least the pee tray's newspaper has just been changed. Mummy left me alone for awhile before coming to check on me. Then she finally realised that my 'bed' has got pee on it. She washed my 'bed' and got me a new 'bed'.

It has been a tiring morning. I'm tired and I napped for abit when mummy closed the door. When the door is open, I'm too alert, looking out for people.

Mummy says I'm such a terror. She's going to get me the yogi pee tray later when she goes out. She says that at least, I won't get to tear the newspaper and make her keep changing it. Once I tear the newspaper up, I won't pee in it anymore. And when I finally pee in it, at least I won't have pee on my paws and dirty the whole area. She says she can't check on me every hour to make sure I'm not tearing up the newspaper or have pee all over me. But I like mummy coming to visit me every hour!

Hmm. A new pee tray. I wonder if I'll like it.

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