Sunday, November 18, 2007

.::.Ticks - A visit to the vet.::.

Here I am, feeling really lazy after my breakfast. As usual, cici and yiyi came over to see me while mummy snapped away.

Mummy thinks I look like a rabbit but cici thinks I look like a chihuahua. Both are cute anyway.

And cici mentioned that I was like a model, keep posing for photographs to be taken.
I'm always at this corner, around my 'bed'.
And this is how I always lie on my 'bed'.

If you take a closer look at the pictures above, and you're a pet lover, you should have noticed those gigantic ticks on my neck. Not that it bothers me much, I'm too excited by everything around me to be bothered by that. I still eat and play happily. But Daddy noticed them yesterday, and while they thought it was just 'part of me' they didn't really bother. But Mummy was worried that it seemed to be getting bigger. They didn't know that those were ticks. But the decided to bring me to the vet anyway, since I needed a checkup too.

This is one of the most handsome picture of me. I seldom stay still to let mummy take pictures and she always has to take like 10 before 1 looks decent. It was my first time sitting on daddy's car. Mummy just craddled me in her arms while I looked out of the window. I was kinda scared and didn't really move.

I must be cute, because there were motocyclist looking into the window to check me out. Hee.

This was the red chair at the vet, it made me look so red! Anyway, I saw another mini red and tan long-haired mini dachshund called 'ger ger'. I liked her, she's so cute. She's 2 years old and looked alot bigger than me, like twice my size. I tried to play with her but she seem afraid of me. She's really pretty, mummy thinks so too. She even started chatting with the owner. She left soon after though.

Mummy was really worried about my ticks, but I'm really fine. The vet was really nice, she talked to me but I just dashed around her table, making it hard for her to remove the ticks. Mummy has to put some liquid on me tomorrow too. But even the vet said that I was really cute. I've to visit the vet again for my injection in like 2 weeks time.

Mummy went home and did a thorough wash of my area and changed my 'bed'. I sat on daddy's lap while he studied for his upcoming exam. It has been another evenful day and I'm really tired. *yawns.

Tomorrow, Julie jiejie will be coming over to visit me and play with me! I think she got me some treats too. I shall show her the tricks I've learnt!

Lastly, mummy's really happy that I'm going the the right place to pee and poo. Sometimes there are accidents but I still 'do my business' near my tray. Hee. I'm a clever boy!


Comet and BLU said...

Hi Chinook -
You are very very cute! I wouldn't enjoy having those ticks on me at all. Hopefully they are all gone now. Tell your mom to check between your toes (the top and bottom of your feet). Ticks love to hide there too.
Comet and BLU

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Chinook,
Ticks can spread quickly so make sure you get them treated fast okay? :)

Chinook said...

The vet has checked all my paw pads and removed all the visible ones. Mummy has applied medicine for me on my neck, I think I've got all of them off me (I hope). Mummy will be checking and looking out for those disgusting little creatures too. =)