Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Mummy really doesn't know what to do with me. She came home today and found the big mess I made. I tore up the newspaper in my pee tray, shit and pee EVERYWHERE that the whole area in my playpen is dirty. Everything is dirty, even my 'bed'. But I was so happy to see mummy, because she was out and yiyi and cici fed me. Yiyi even cleaned my pee and changed the paper in my pee tray. Yet when mummy's home, everything was in a mess again.

She had to spend the whole hour clearing away the shit and pee, changing my 'bed' and cleaning the fences because they had pee and poo on them.

Yiyi even caught me sleeping in my pee tray, with my pee. Mummy seriously doesn't know what to do. She has scolded me really fiercely but I still do it.

But still, I was I'm a cute boy - when I'm not wrecking havoc that is.

I get really bored in the afternoon.

Mummy loves it when I'm such a good boy, sleeping on my 'bed' like this, not on the pee tray!

Yiyi and cici fed me tonight. See that pile of shit behind? It ended up everywhere and all around the fence when mummy got home.

So she came back with a Yogi Nano Silver Pee tray which is supposed to kill most bacteria in my pee. She cleared the whole area before putting the new pee tray in it. She was so happy when I pee on it twice that she rewarded me with biscuits. She even played with me and trained me in her room. I galloped around happily and sniffed around. I even got my ears cleaned and had a dry bath and some brushing of my hair and teeth.

But when mummy put me back into my playpen, I was whining so bad that mummy's heart softened. She moved me to her room with my toys, 'bed' and pee tray. She thought that I probably wanted company. But after awhile, I pee-ed right beside the pee tray which she asked me to pee on, though I've sniffed the pee tray. *sigh. I backed away from her and lay on the floor, looking at her clean up my pee. She got angry and put me back. I tried whining again, but she just stared at me fiercely without saying anything. All I could do was sit on my 'bed' and look at her with my puppy eyes.

She really have no idea what to do. Her friend told her that I'm too spoiled and not afraid of mummy anymore and that she should take some rolled up newspaper to 'smack' me. The shopkeeper who sold mummy the pee tray said that I was probably doing it on purpose because I wanted attention since mummy would come and clear up after I dirty my area. I can't be stupid because I can 'shake hand', 'sit' and 'up' in 3 days, yet I can't pee in the correct place.

Mummy doesn't know if she's supposed to leave me alone and don't play with me or spend more time playing with me.

She's really feeling desperate because I managed to lift up the Yogi tray (she scolded me and I stopped) and kept sitting on the yogi tray too. She thinks it's a matter of time before I lift the top part up and get all dirty again. I keep biting the smiley part too.

*sigh. Help!


Luckie Girl said...

Oh Chinook, you are still so young so it takes awhile to learn. Each time when you pee or poop at the wrong spot, your Mom has to bring you to that spot and make you sniff/smell it and scold you at the same time. Then carry you to the pee tray and use the words she wants you to associate with say POOP POOP or SHI SHI. She has to do this each time you mess up and evevntually, get the idea. It'd be better to let you learn to be alone (leave you to whine..I know it sounds cruel but it's for the best) cos our hoomans can't be around us 24/7. We need to learn to self entertain. I have this habit of giving one short bark each time I finished my business for Mom to clean my butt and feet (and clear my poop of course).

Chinook said...

yea, i'm still learning. mummy has been saying pee pee whenever i start sniffing but i walk away fr the pee tray after sniffing it though mummy keep trying to ask me to pee there.

everytime mummy cleans up i'm too excited to see her that i don't seem to hear her and just jump around her hand, trying to bite the towel or toilet paper.

*sigh. i guess i just need more time! mummy says she'll buy me a bed when i know where to pee and poo and not dirty myself

how long did you take to learn this?