Tuesday, November 27, 2007

.::. Updates .::.

I've learnt where to pee and poo miraculously in a day or two! After that day which mummy keep coaxing me to my new pee tray, I've been peeing in it most of the times. Except when mummy takes the tray out for cleaning though. She scolds me for it because she only takes like 5 minutes to clean it up yet I choose THAT 5 minutes to pee. And I eventually learnt how too poo at the same place too. But I like poo-ing right beside the pee tray in mummy's room though. Mummy always scolds me and tries to bring me to the tray but I end up refusing to poo anymore.

Mummy has let me tried sleeping in her room and I love it because I get to explore and bite everything I see. I like it when I can get up in the wee hours and play too. But mummy always wakes up because of the noise I make. It drives her crazy. I woke up at 3am, 6am, 7am and 8am that night and all mummy kept saying was "Chinook, orh orh, go orh orh!". But I didn't want to sleep! I was having so much fun. So now, Mummy plays with me for a few hours at night in her room but send me back to my playpen for me to sleep. More for her to sleep really.

Mummy brought me "out" last Friday, at the front yard of the house. I was quite apprehensive about the new place and I sniffed around cautiously and lay down quite abit instead of running about.

Mummy complained that it's so hard to take pictures of me. I keep moving or I simply turn when I see the camera.

See me sniffing around? Daddy was rather surprised that I've got such a long neck.

Here's me standing tall. This photo was really well-timed!

Mummy's cousins came over to see me play too. All of them were standing and I keep having to strain my neck to look at them. This was just before I turned my head away. I shun the camera.

Well, there really wasn't much to play with and I got bored.

This floor looks so different!

Ahhh, I need my water after some exercise!

I'm sure looking forward to going out for walks and picnics after my second jab next week! Mummy promised to bring me out and avoid grass patches till I've got my third jab. I can't be staying home all day long you know! *yay.

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