Saturday, December 1, 2007

{ My First Walk }

Mummy finally brought me out for a walk last Friday and this morning too! She thinks I've too much energy and I should use them up instead of being destructive at home. *hee hee. That suits me fine!

But the outside world is so fascinating yet alittle scary. There's this German Shepard living opposite and he kept barking at me when I walked past. He's HUGE! Then there are other dogs who keep barking too. It's kinda scary.

I kept sniffing and even stopped to sniff around. Yiyi, cici and mummy keep trying to make me walk. It's kinda tiring though.

We had a rest and a water break after awhile.

While we rested, yiyi and cici went to get ice-creams. But there's nothing for me!

Oh, and I like sniffing drains!

Yiyi and cici finds me really amusing. I love being stroked though.

The humans do not get tired, but I get tired! I just sit and refuse to move.

If not for me being tired, you'll never be able to take pictures of me like that!

I've met so many different people. All of them are amazed by how small I am. But seriously, I've grown quite abit the past 3 weeks!

I'm really attracted to people jogging or cycling but mummy don't allow me to chase after them.

Well, that's all for today. I'm going to chew on my favourite rope toy already. Woof woof.


Luckie Girl said...

Hey Chinook,
Where do you go for your walks? That drain looks really familiar. hehe... :)

Chinook said...

tt was the canal near lakeside mrt =D

do u go for walks there too?

Chinook said...

mummy thinks you live across the road! =P