Thursday, December 13, 2007

{ All about Chinook }


Breakfast 830am

One small teaspoon of milk powder with water just enough to cover the base of the bowl with 4 level spoons of kibbles.

Lunch 2pm

Half scoop of milk powder (just below the first marking of the plastic spoon inside the tin) with water about 1/3 of the bowl. Mix with tap water but make sure all powder has been mixed properly.

Dinner 630pm
4 level spoons of kibbles or 3 level spoons of kibbles with a scoop of canned food. Canned food must be brought to room temperature if stored in fridge. I usually pour little boiling water onto the cold food to bring it to room temperature.

He can understand commands like sit, stay, down, shake hand and up. When he does them correctly or pee and poo in the right place, reward him with a small treat. Not too much though.

Try to make him sit and stay still before you feed him his meals. He’ll get really excited once he sees food but be firm. If he whines or barks, say ‘AHHH! No!” and walk away. Come back after awhile and ask him to sit and stay again. He’ll get it after a few times. It’s quite easy for me, but he tends to try his luck and bully others. He usually finishes his food in less than 1 minute. But in case he doesn't finish his food, remove it after 10 minutes.

Toys and Play-time

Chinook has many chew toys and 3 squeaky toys (Hamburger, bone and ball). Interchange these 3 everyday.

Chinook loves the vegetable chews; replenish it when you don’t see them around anymore. His favorite is the orange carrot one. Those are edible and he usually finishes one in a day or two.

Let him out to run about and play as often as you can supervise him. DO NOT leave him unsupervised as he will probably be biting up your stuff at some corner. His favorites are rugs, cloths; wooden corners. He’s really fast so try to let him run in a room.

Sometimes he gets too wild while playing, especially with a lot of people around. If he starts barking a lot or try to bite, put in back into his playpen and ignore him.

When he barks, IGNORE him. Do not scold him or try to smack him. Just leave him alone.


He has his collar on, just hook on the leash if you’re bringing him out for walks. Try to avoid grass patches as he has not finished his injections.

Clean his paws with a wet towel after walks. If he’s dirty or smells, sprinkle some powder on him and just spread them evenly onto his coat.

Pee tray

He usually poo about 3 times a day. The first time is in the late afternoon, you can clear his poo when you feed him lunch. The second time in the late afternoon, you can clear it during dinner. Third time is at night, about 8-9pm. Try to clear before you go to bed. He will poo in the pee tray or around it (aim wrongly) but sometimes when there’s poo on the tray, he’ll pee right beside the tray. Maybe because he doesn’t want to go near his poo.

Clear his pee tray at least once a day. Just pour away his pee in the toilet bowl and rinse it with water few times before wiping it dry with toilet paper. I’ll usually spray the bitter water at the 2 sides to prevent him from biting and playing with the pee tray.


He likes biting, so anything which you do not want him to bite, spray the bitter water on it.

He has a ready supply of water throughout the day, just refill it when it's running low.

If he can’t get along with Duo Duo, just put him in the playpen. He can get too friendly and not all dogs like that!

Do not feed him too much or try to smack him as he’ll become defensive and bark at you or try to bite.

If he’s having diarrhea or looking really lethargic or needs a vet for some reason, contact Joel. Ask him to bring Chinook to the Joyous Vet at Sunshine Place. He knows the place. Chinook’s card is in the bag.

So, that was what Mummy gave Fen jiejie. Mummy's going Bangkok with Daddy from the 15th to the 19th, so cici, yiyi and Fen jiejie will be looking after me. But when the whole family goes to KL from the 20th to 23rd, I'll go over to Fen jiejie's house which is just one house away. Mummy says my room will look the same because their house is exactly the same as ours. Mummy also said that Fen jiejie will be looking after another pomerian, Duo Duo. I heard that he's really obedient and quiet. I hope he plays with me though. I'm really not like what Mummy wrote! Not everything anyway.

It's still raining everyday and it's wet everywhere. Mummy refuses to bring me out because she says I'm still a 'baby' who hasn't finished my doses of injection. Moreover, ticks and fleas are more active during wet days and who knows what germs and disease lurk around. *sigh. It doesn't help that Mummy is sick and down with flu. She don't even feel like asking me to me to sit when I'm jumping around, she just gives that exasperated look. She's really no fun!

Ahh. These rainy days are making me feel so lazy. I don't even feel like running around much. I just sit on my bed to chew my favourite toys or nap. My bed is right at the door for me to lie or sit there, hoping someone will come play with me. At least I get to run around in Mummy's room. Whenever Mummy opens the gate and ask me to go, I'll dash right to her room. *grins.

So, I'm wondering what are my friends doing? Are they staying in like me too or are they lucky enough to have good weather for walks? =P

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Lorenza said...

Hi, Chinook
That is a long list of instructions! But, my mom says that the clearer the better! I am sure you will be in good hands!
Have a good night