Thursday, December 13, 2007

{ Finally! A walk! }

It's really cloudy outside with thunder and lightning. It's all gloomy and dark. To think it was just rather sunny a few hours ago. It has been sunny this morning, Mummy even sun-ed my bed under the sun to prevent it from becoming stinky.

Mummy's mum have been complaining that I'm smelly, the can smell me right from the first storey while I'm on the third. It's really not me, it's the pee tray and my pee, especially when the windows are opened really tiny since it's raining so much lately. I do get cold you know! So my smell stays in the house with the stale air. But I'm having my bath tomorrow and Mummy's going to scrub my room too. *yay!

Ah, the main thing is that I went for a walk today! It has been so long since I had a walk and being coped up at home means I've to much energy left in me. Obviously, I let it all out once I had the chance just now! Mummy finally brought me for a walk after she finish teaching tuition for the day. She's also feeling alot better though she still has blocked noes.

This was the first time I ran really fast! Mummy, yiyi and cici had a good laugh seeing me 'gallop'. And obviously it made me feel really good and I went even faster!

I was panting after the run though. We covered almost 1km. And Mummy wasn't too happy that I peed at the pavement just before crossing the road. I didn't want to pee on the grass when she asked me to. *sigh. I'm too used to pee-ing on hard ground. Even in the front porch, I'd rather pee on the stone tiles than pee on the carpet grass. *opps.

So here's a video of me running really fast. Maybe I can take part in some race for small dogs? I think I might have a chance, though my legs are so short.

Here's me, panting all the way but still wanting to run!

Then I resting while Mummy asked me to stay so yiyi can take a picture of me.

I was looking at Mummy's hand. Because everytime she puts her hand out and says stay, and I stay, I'll usually get some reward. =P


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hey Chinook, you sure are a cute doggie. And you can run so fast. I'm sure you'll win a prize if you take part in running competition

~ Girl girl

Lorenza said...

Hi, Chinook
Looks like you really enjoyed your walkie! You sure run fast! I think you'd win any competition!
I liked your video!
Have a good night

Chinook said...


hee i love running. lets hope mummy brings me out for more practice and look out for some competitions. Mummy says I'm too playful that I won't listen to instructions though. =P