Friday, December 28, 2007

{ I'm Back! }

Mummy brought me back on Wednesday and got me cleaned up. I've my room back and a new bed! I've got only half the bed left though. Anyway, I made a mess of my room today. I jumped and jumped to reach the toilet paper and kept pulling at it. I had so much fun! That was till Mummy found out.

And since I'm home, I've been on walks which left me really tired. Walks are usually about 1km with alot of sprints because I love trying to catch yiy and cici who always walk ahead of me. Mummy thinks I'm really cute when I lie down with my legs like that. I seldom do that, unless I'm really tired.

And when I'm really tired, I just lie there without moving even when Mummy snaps away. She loves making use of the chance to snap pictures of me.

See, I just lie there and rest.
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Lorenza said...

Those are very cute pictures of you!
Good job with the toilet paper!
That camera thing never ends!
Kisses and hugs

sharkgila said...

Toilet paper is so fun! I love playing with them, but my hoomans are sneaky, they hide them well. Too bad your mom found you when she did.