Friday, December 21, 2007

{ Mummy's Back and Gone }

Mummy was finally back from her Bangkok trip on Wednesday night. I almost thought she wasn't coming back anymore. I've been trying so hard to make her come back! Even when I pee and poo at the wrong places and dirty myself, she didn't come back to wash me up! Everyone said I was smelly though they tried to clean me up.

At least Mummy got ALOT of stuff for me!

She came here on Sunday, early in the morning.

And after shopping for hours for her own stuff, she went to the pet section. There were so many dogs! She says I'm really lucky compared to them.

Obviously, she got me my beds, some chews, toys and quite abit of clothes!

And after that, she went in search of pet shops at Sukumvit. She said she walked 20 minutes from the train station before she finally reached this beautiful place. It's a shopping center called J Avenue.

They had lots of chews! There's sushi, carrots, dounuts, sausage buns.....It's just like the hoomans' food!

She got me some carrots, sushi, hotdogs and small chews.

The shop even had lots of pretty beds!

And alot of clothes.

With a nice view to top it off!

There's many nice cafes and chill out places there too.

Oh, the pet shop is called Prima Dog, on the third level. This is the entrance. =D

There's also a few pet shops around that area. She got me some stuff from this Thonglor Pet hospital shop too.

Lastly, here are all my loots!

And here are all my clothes.

Mummy tried on that golden one for me, and it fits really nicely. Mummy thinks I've seem to grow so much bigger since she left. Well, that's puppies for her! I'm a growing boy!

But before I can enjoy Mummy's company enough, she left me at the house next door so that her cousin can take care of me. The pomerian Duo Duo is kinda scary! He keeps chasing me everywhere and try to climb on me. I've got no idea what's he doing. Mummy says he's humping me, but what does that mean exactly?

I was really happy when she was back, especially when she got me so many things. But I was really smelly she says, and she wasn't too happy that I peed everywhere. *opps. It's her fault for leaving me behind! At least she bathed me and I got hugs before she left.

She's in KL now. I hope she comes back with some nice things for me soon!


Amber-Mae said...

Oh wow, what great stuff she has brought back for you Chinook! Oh I know where she went to see those puppies. She went to Chatuchat(is that how you spell it?) market right? My hoomans went there once & they said there sold quite a number of cute pedigree pups there. I'm just wondering, where did they supply them from? Well, where ever they got them from, I just hope they got them from responsible home breeders & not puppy mills. Hope she will bring back more goodies from KL!

Pee/s: What's your pee-mail? I got a X'mas e-card for ya.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Chinook said...


yea it's called Chatukat i think! there are so many puppies and mummy saw a really cute red long hair mini dachshund sold. mummy says ther's lots of stories abt the puppies being fr puppy mills and some dying within a week, usually without vacinations and diseases spread.

what can i say? guess we're juz really lucky.

you can pee-mail me at! wow i've NEVER received any xmas cards! =D

Lorenza said...

Hi, Chinook
I guess you can forgive your mom for leaving you alone!
She got tons of things for you!
I can't wait to see you wearing your new clothes!
Have a good night

sharkgila said...

Ha-woo. That's lotsa lotsa lotsa stuff your mommy got you. Interesting shop, it's a doggy fashion heaven.

Cheers till your mom is back (again!).


Scruffy said...

Hi Chinook

Just dropped by to say hello. Also your loot from your Mummy's trip is pawsome. I wish my Mummy bought me stuff from Bangkok. She was just there and didn't bring me anything. Sulk!! You are so lucky.

The Mighty Scruff