Monday, December 10, 2007

{ Vet : ECP : U.S. Dog bakery }

It's still raining EVERYDAY! No walks for me. *pouts.

Last Friday, Mummy came to me and kept asking me to pee. It's really weird because she usually leaves me alone after my dinner and I'll nap before waking up to poo. =P But she suddenly came instead of going down for her dinner. I was still happy despite being awoken from my nap.

She didn't manage to make me pee though. And I gathered that she was bringing me out! It was really a pleasant surprise! 7pm at night! So I happily got leashed and was running around in the living room while Mummy went to get some water and get ready for my outing.

Daddy came to pick us up awhile later, cici and yiyi joined me on the outing. I was happily looking at moving cars in Mummy's lap. I later realised that they were bringing me to the vet for the second injection.

We met this really BIG Golden Retriever outside the vet. He's so big and he kept wanting to come near me. Though Mummy kept asking me to make friends with him, I was rather apprehensive that I just hid behind Mummy's back while he tried to sniff me. Mummy had to carry me right infront of him while I stayed really still, and he sniffed me all over. Luckily, the vet came to ask for me right after! *phew.

This was a different vet from the last time because this is a free injection given by the pet shop. It's a 20 minute car ride from home. The vet was really young and friendly, they have a wooden table instead of the metal one. She even fed me this liquid which tasted weird, but I finished it up anyway. Just when I thought I was safe, Mummy held me while she tried to poke a needle into me! I yelped and struggled even before the needle went in. A strong-looking man came to hold me instead and I got poked. It wasn't too painful actually, but really itchy. Thank god it was over in a few seconds.

The vet said I was lean and Mummy can afford to feed me more. I TOLD Mummy I needed more food! But Mummy thinks being lean is good, else being on a diet is worst. Since I've got milk everyday and a shiny coat, she thinks I'm fine. And since I've grown from 2.0kg just 3 weeks before to 2.8kg now, it's kinda hard to convince her to feed me more.

Mummy thinks I should be rewarded because I was quite a brave boy. Daddy drove to U.S Bakery because Mummy wanted to get me some biscuites. A dog bakery just for me! Too bad it was closed. =(

I thought that's all for the night, but they drove me to East Coast Park because Mummy and Daddy haven't had their dinner and there isn't many place which allows me. But sadly, I was still not allowed, to the surprise of Mummy and Daddy. But they still sat at a corner and put me below the chairs though.

Poor me, I had to 'hide' below the tables and chairs while they ate happily! But it isn't too bad though, because I can 'hooman-watch' and there are some people who keep staring at me. I think it's because I'm really cute. But Mummy was afraid that we might be chased away and she was rather wary of all that attention.

This was what they ate. It looks really delicious! I didn't even get ANYTHING!

We left right after the meal though. Because this sign was staring right at us. I'll take this down and chew it into pieces if I could. I think Mummy would let me do it too. =P

I met quite a few friends there. There was this really cute poodle in this hawaiian shirt. She was so shy and ran away from me. I managed to kiss her on her cheek though. But she got angry and started growling and barking. *opps. And Mummy pulled us apart. When we were leaving she was still growling at us! Such an unfriendly dog.

And we met another Chihuahua. She was really tiny, even smaller than me. And she was poo-ing near this waterfall. She wasn't too happy to see me really. She kept wanting to dash towards me, barking. Ahhh. Needless to say, Mummy pulled me away too. *sigh. I really need some friends to play with you know. Though I'm happy that there are hoomans playing with me, saying how cute I am or asking about me, it's different from having a doggy friend! Where are all the friendly dogs?

I managed to hold all my pee and poo for more than 3 hours while I was outside. Mummy brought me to my pee tray once we got home and I immediately peed and pooed. Mummy was really happy with me. =)

On Saturday, Mummy left home after feeding me milk in the afternoon. She must have went dating with Daddy. I think they should just stay at home to play with me instead! But I was feeling sore after the needle poked into me the day before and spent the day zZzZZzz away in the nice-cool-rainy weather. When they finally came home, I was so happy!

See what Mummy got for me? U.S. Doggie Bakery cookies! She went back to get them for me! She didn't forget about me afterall.

See, isn't this cute? Christmas is coming!

Daddy got me a squeeky ball too. He says this can roll unlike all my other toys. And Mummy made me sit and stay before I get to play with my ball.

And finally, I've got some biscuits!! And again, I've to sit and stay. It's really unnerving you know, wanting something yet having to sit there and wait.

Mummy even got me meatballs! I had them for breakfast and dinner the past 2 days. It's all gone though.

Mummy kept the rest of the biscuits into this container. I've been looking forward to them the past few days. I only get a few of them in the afternoon. *slurps.

And this is me, lying on Mummy's lap as usual. This is my favourite spot, even better than the soft cushion Mummy gave me.

Mummy says I've been a good boy, because I pee and poo at the right place and saves her ALOT of trouble. I don't dirty my towels and bed too, so she needn't wash it every other day. *grins.

BUT! Mummy says she'll be going to Bangkok this weekend for 5 days. 5 LONG days!! How can she leave me home alone? *sigh. And the whole family will be visiting their cousins in KL after her Bangkok trip. I'll probably not see Mummy for a whole week.

The only good thing is that Mummy says she's going to buy me a few beds and ALOT of toys and clothes from Bangkok! I hope she keeps her promise. And when Fen jie jie who lives next door and is Mummy cousin looks after me when she's not around, I'll have a doogy friend! He's a 5-year old Pomerian. I hope he's friendly!

I'm going to prepare a shopping list for Mummy. So that she'll not forget me when she's having fun in Bangkok. *hrmpz.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Chinook
Sure those rides to the vet are not fun! I feel stressed everytime I have to go there!
Not a single place allows pets here! You were lucky!
Tell your mom to have fun on her trip and give her your shopping list!
Have a good night

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hi Chinook,

Welcome to - it is great to meet you, and I am sure you will make lots of new friends here :-)


Chinook said...

hello lorenza and opy!

wow at least i've some friends online. *wink.

Amber-Mae said...

Hi Chinook!

I think you're are just nice. My hoomans been to a Nutrition talk two weeks ago & this famous Nutritionist said that, if the puppy is chubby, the pup will likely to grow up fat or obese. She said that, many people find chubby puppies cute but it's not healthy for the puppy. So if the puppy is just nice now, the puppy will grow up t be a slim lean dog. And that's the correct weight & size! I'm very slim & lean too but my sista Chloe, is FAT! Ooo, I love McDonalds plain beef burger! My hoomans always order some for us especially after a trial, if we pass ofcourse. If no pass, that we get nothing! Btw, I've added you as friend. Hope you'll do the same thing too. Will visit your bloggy often...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Amber said...

Hi Chinook! Nice to meet you. Aw, you seems so sad under the table. I hate that sign too! Grrr!
I wish there's a dog bakery here..
The biscuits look really yummy.

Chinook said...

wow amber-mae gets to eat Macdonalds! Mummy will NEVER let me eat that! She says there's probably salt and god-knows-what ingredients which isn't good for me. Or perhaps, I haven't passed any trials yet? look really cute in that hat really. and you can dance! no wonder you get those goodies.

hihi amber! i'll be happy to share my biscuits with you! Mummy has been rationing them and I only get a few everyday. But there's still so much more!