Monday, November 12, 2007

.::.Chinook's Supplies.::.

5th November'2007
Mummy went to buy supplies for me today. That was fast! I think she's extremely excited about my arrival. Just too bad I can only go home with her on the 16th as I need 2 weeks to 'rest' after my injection. They say I'll be weak and can get sick easily, so I can't go home yet. They don't know better! I'm such a strong little puppy!
Mummy was telling her good friend all about me and how she got me. Ju jiejie was telling mummy all about looking after me and what to buy for me, how to take care of me. Mummy spent almost 2 hours choosing things for me at Vivo's Pet Safari! She's such a slow poke. She'd better walk faster when she brings me on walks. I can run really fast!

She shopped for 2 hours and only bought these! Where's my toys? I don't even have a bowl for my food nor my water! And there's not enough treats for me! How is she going to train me without treats? I'm not going to do any tricks for her without some reward you know.

Mummy bought me a blue paw-print leash with a turquoise collar. Luckily Ju jiejie stopped her from buying me any pinkish-girlish ones. I'm a boy! And though I can't see colours, I don't want others thinking that I'm a girl. *yucks!

And here are the canned food. Looks delicious! But mummy is regretting buying me this because she heard that it's salty and isn't very healthy for me. But all my friends love it and I want to try it too! It won't hurt to have a good meal once in a while right?

And these are for cleaning me up, though I'm a clean and nice-smelling boy most of the time. My ears need cleaning, so do my teeth. I don't want to get rotten teeth! But mummy kinda got cheated getting the joints supplement and that expensive shampoo for me. Supplements are for older dogs, not cute and handsome puppies like me! My bones are still strong and I just need a balanced diet! My mummy's too paranoid, she's afraid that I might have spinal problems because of my long body. But, how many times must I emphasize that I'm a strong and healthy boy! Not to mention handsome of course.

Mummy got the kibbles the shop guy reccomended. *sigh. Why did she stupidly believe that Royal Canin is the 'best' and it's from France?! It's made from dehydrated poultry meat (what meat?!), contains corn (which they write maize to trick people) and it contains unknown animal fats! I could feast on much nicer and healthier food with that price! Think I'm stuck with that though, luckily it's a small packet. Mummy better get me some better food in future! A hungry growing puppy needs his nutrients.

And look at that small packet of treats. It's NOT ENOUGH! I need more treats so that I can learn more tricks. Where are my toys?! I need to chew!

My mummy happily set up a corner in the bathroom for me. But this lousy plastic thing dropped after awhile. She needs to get me better containers for me things. This won't do!

And this is my corner in the house. Mummy's going to put my play pen here so that I can have plenty of air and sunlight with the window opened 24/7. She wants me to prove that I can be trusted before letting me roam the house freely.

I sure hope I can go home soon!

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