Monday, November 19, 2007

.::. I've got a visitor! .::.

Thank you for being concerned about my ticks. The vet has tried to get rid of whatever she saw and mummy has put the medicine for me on the neck yesterday. Mummy didn't find any of them left though she kept trying. So I think I should be fine already. She's quite perturbed about those ticks really and daddy kept assuring her that it's quite common and it's alright.

Today mummy went to school after feeding me and cleaning me up. Because I was a notti boy and did not pee on my tray, I had pee on my 'bed' and mummy had to wash them and clean up my pee all over. I even tore those newspaper in my pee tray.

While mummy was at school, cici and yiyi kept coming to visit me. Mummy gave yiyi her old pink N7610 and she kept using that to take pictures of me. She has 49 pictures of me already!

Mummy came home with Ju jiejie. I like her, she bought me some really yummy biscuits. I was so happy 'galloping' around mummy's room. I performed those tricks like 'up' and 'shake hand'. I learnt a new trick 'sit' today. But sometimes I'm too excited that I just dashed around, waging my tail wildy, oblivious to mummy's calls. We played for an hour or two with yiyi, cici, dylan (mummy's cousin), ju jiejie and mummy. It was so fun! I love company.

Maybe I'm too excited, I pee-ed and poo-ed outside the tray and mummy got angry with me again. *sigh. Mummy changed my 'bed' twice because of this already. She pretty much don't understand why I could learn tricks so quickly but can't learn to pee at the right place.

Mummy will be alittle more busy the next few days and she really hopes that I can learn how to pee at the right place and save her the trouble of having to clean up so many times a day.

I'm usually more hyper and 'notti' in the day time and alot more manja at night. When I'm bored in the day, I even bite my 'bed' and try to tear up the newspaper in the pee tray. But at night, I pretty much lie on my 'bed' and pee in the tray.

Well, I'll try to be a good boy so everyone loves me.

No pictures today because I didn't stay still at all. I'll try to show you the video of my tricks though. =)

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