Saturday, November 17, 2007

.::.My (Mis)Adventure.::.
Last night, I was really tired, but I just didn't feel like sleeping. Mummy came over to let me chew on that chicken stick and tickled my neck just the way I liked it.

See my strong teeth? I love biting on this chicken flavoured stick!
I was tired and I just laid back while mummy tickled my neck and tummy.

Though I was tired, I just lay there, hoping mummy would play with me. I only went to bed when she switched off the light and went to bed.

The next morning, I woke up at 7am and started whining for attention. Mummy was still sound asleep. She was really tired after clearing up after me the whole day. She tried to ask me to be good, keep quiet and play on my own. It was only till she smellt my poo that she woke up.

I don't know how I got poo all over my paws. I poo-ed some on the pee tray, some outside. By the time mummy picked me up there was poo all over me. Mummy tried to clean my paws but it was already too late, I struggled and smeared poo all over mummy.

I can tell that she wasn't too happy about being smeared with poo at 7am in the morning. But she had no choice and put me in this big box to bathe me. I was rather scared but I couldn't get out. Mummy bathe me in warm water and wrapped me in the towel. It felt good to be clean again and I just lay still while mummy cleaned my ears and rubbed toothpaste on my teeth. I didn't quite like that but mummy was rather persistent. She even used a brush to comb my short hair.

I was quite scared in that box. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get out.

I'm so dark when I'm wet!

After that she set out to clean up my sh*t. =P It really stinks though. She finally cleared everything up, changed the newspaper and fed me. I was so hungry and gobbled everything up again.

Mummy was tired after everything and went back to bed around 9am. I kept whining till she barely slept 2 hours. She went out shortly and that was when my adventure started.

I was playing around, feeling bored. Somehow I managed to open up my playpen and squeezed out from a small hole. I explored mummy's room and went around. I didn't really mess anything up though. I'm a good boy. But, I poo-ed on the floor.

See that little hole at the bottom of the fences? I squeezed out throught there. And see those newspaper I tore apart? Those are quite fun really. That pile of poo outside, mummy really don't seem happy about it. But I can't help it, I didn't have enough time to squeeze back into the fences (not that I really want to go back there). Mummy was totally shocked when she came in to find that hole in the cage and I'm no where to be found. You should have seen that expression on her face! I was lazing happily on the nightgown mummy changed out of on the floor. =)

Mummy quickly picked me up and moved my cage into the toilet. I was so excited about my new-found freedom but she didn't seem to share that. I think she took quite some time to clean up her room to rid it of poo smell. She used a cloth with white vinegar and went on her fours (just like me!) to clean up the room.

Not long, daddy came over. I think he found out about my little (mis)adventure. *sigh. But he played with me. Soon, yiyi and cici came too. Mummy enlarged the tray and bought this smelly thing called the housebreaking aid and brought me to my pee tray, asking me to pee there. I still pee-ed outside quite a few times and mummy cleaned it all up with the vinegar. Obviously, I got scolded again.

I played and played till I was so tired. I needed a rest.

*yawns. Mummy got me a comfortabe blue towel for me to lie on and I feel asleep soon after.

That's me, sound asleep and as handsome as ever.

Yiyi and Cici stayed with me the whole afternoon, they even brought their storybooks and sat there, look at me sleep. That was so cute!

Mummy made cici and yiyi do some homework while I slept. All of them studied together: mummy, daddy, cici and yiyi.

Finally, they fed me dinner when I woke up. Needless to say, I gobbled everything up. Again.

I love my big playpen, I can run around! I love that soft little towel too. So I've been a good boy. I've been clean for more than 5 hours (that's a record!). Mummy seem happy that she doesn't need to clean me up and has rewarded me with treats for pee-ing in the tray.

Oh, did I mention that I think mummy wants me to lift my hand up to hers when she says 'shake hand'? She seem to like it when I life my paws up to her and she rewards me with treats. Sometimes, I'm too overwhelmed when I smell food that I forgot I had to do that before I get my treat. And sometimes, it's kinda hard for me to lift one of my paws - it's hard to balance! Well, I guess I shall try harder and make mummy happy so that I can have my treats!

It's time for bed and it's easier to sleep when I'm alone in the toilet and not distracted by mummy's movements. She drops by like every 30 minutes to check on me though. I catch her peeping at me sometimes and jump up when I head her coming. But other times, I'm just simply fast asleep, oblivious to everything.

Well, that sums up my eventful 2nd day at home. Let's hope tomorrow will be better. =)

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