Friday, November 23, 2007

.::.I'm Learning.::.

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon in mummy's room while mummy tried really hard to monitor me and try to make me pee in the tray. Daddy came to visit me too! He likes playing with my tail and I love snuggling on his leg. I pee in the tray quite a few times but end up pee-ing at the wrong place again at night. That's why I ended up back into my playpen.
Today I've spent most of the afternoon in mummy's room too, I'm even lying on my little cushion under a chair in her room now! =)

Mummy has been trying really hard to make me pee in the tray. She coaxes and keep gesturing to me whenever I sniff around. It's quite funny how hard she tries and she goes like "Chinook come, pee pee? Pee pee Chinook? Chinook want pee pee? Come here pee pee". But the best thing is that she goes all excited and happy when I pee in the tray. She gives me treats and keep praising me. So everytime I pee in the tray, mummy together with yiyi and cici will go into a chorus of "Chinook good boy, Chinook good boy!".
So though I do pee and poo at the wrong places, I seem to be alot more consistent and have pee-ed in the tray like the last 5 times. That's a good improvement mummy says. And tonight, because I've pee-ed at the right place the whole afternoon and didn't mess up the room when mummy left the room for dinner, mummy finally let me sleep with her in her room. I've this little corner under a chair which I really like.
I always rest on my 'bed' while mummy sits on her desk to do her work.

When mummy put me in the room left me alone for 30minutes when she went down for lunch, I pee-ed at the wrong places and even tore up ALL the tissue soaked with my pee. Mummy put in on my tray so that I can smell it and pee there. But once nobody's looking, I had my fun and mummy wasn't happy when she saw those tissue scattered everywhere.
Mummy put me back into my playpen. But still, I've been a good boy after she allowed me into her room again. She even cradled me while she watched TV. It's quite interesting, that box with moving images and sound.
Mummy's cousins came to play with me too! I was so happy to have visitors again. I performed my tricks and 'galloped' all around, smelling them and snuggling up their legs. It was so fun and I'm so tired after all that excitement. Everyone says I'm too playful and always gets too excited. That's why some people are afraid of me when I pounce on them, ready to sniff them and play with them.
Mummy sat at her desk most of the time and read her notes and some books. She has borrowed so many books and it's all about me! There's tons of information and she's abit obessed really.

I shall post up cute pictures of me soon. Yiyi has become mummy's great helper, cleaning up my pee when mummy isn't home, feeding me sometimes AND she has become my professional photographer. She snaps my every move using her N7610 or mummy's ixus. Mummy says she's going to make a scrapbook for me. =)

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