Friday, November 16, 2007

.::.I'm home.::.

Mummy, daddy, cici and yiyi came to pick me up today. I was nice smelling and handsome. I bid goodbye to my friends there and went home with mummy.

Mummy ended up buying alot more food for me. They asked her not to change my food first and made mummy buy 2 packets of my current diet. There was also milk powder, canned food, brush, bowl, some gel to destress me and a bottle holder. I think my food can last me for like half a year!

I'm a hungry growing little boy. They said that I might be stressed in a new environment and might not eat much. But I licked up all the milk in the afternoon and gobbled up all my food, asking for more.

See me having my milk? I polished up every drop of it.

Finally, my meal time. I had Evangers chicken drumlets with my kibbles. *yummy! I licked the bowl even after there was nothing left.

And I drank alot of water, I pee everywhere. I think I pee-ed more than 10 times this afternoon and poor mummy had to keep wiping it up and cleaning it with white vinegar.

Mummy got me a pee tray with lots of my pee in it. But I'm too used to pee-ing anywhere, whenever I like it. Obviously I got scolded my mummy. Mummy even made my playpen smaller, into a triangle shape. It's so squeezy. I only have a small area to play and sleep, the pee tray took up half my playpen. I didn't like it. So finally, I pee-ed in my pee tray when mummy went to take her bath. She was quite happy though my paws had pee and I stepped everywhere. She didn't even mind that my toys ended up in the pee tray with my pee. =) See, I'm a clevery boy.

I was quite bored after daddy, cici and yiyi left. But mummy played with me and helped me to hold my raw hides while I bit them. I even got a massage! I'm so blessed.

And here I am, feeling tired after all the excitment today. I wanted to sleep, but once I hear some noises, I'm up and about again.

How can I miss out on any fun right?


Luckie Girl said...

Hello Chinook!
Welcome to the world of blogging! Gee, you really remind me of myself when I was younger except I'm long hair and you are a smooth coat? I am also living in the West. Who knows we may get a chance to meet some day. :) I didn't drink any milk since my Mom got me at 3 months and have been taking Timberwolf Lamb n Apples for quite a few months. It is good..hehe..I have no complaints...hehe.. Go slow on the canned food (very salty! Our hair will drop a lot. Bummer) and treats (else you'll put on a lot of me! hee)

Chinook said...

Hee, it would be good to meet someday! There don't seem to be many who looks like me around.

I've got milk powder and I love it. And because mummy is stingy, I only get one small piece of Evangers chicken drumlets once a day. And I only get one tiny milk biscuit when I do something to make mummy happy.

I think mummy likes me to be slim like I am now. And daddy is really stingy on the treats, always ask mummy not to give it to me. *sigh.

I think I'll get new food when my food runs out then. I've got Solid Gold's puppy food which is supposed to be yummy and good too. I'm not fussy about food though, I gobble up everything! =)