Tuesday, November 13, 2007

.::.Chinook Visited.::.

10th November' 2007

Mummy missed me so much the whole week. I want to go home too, but I'm stucked here still. Luckily the nice lady, Joey, who brought me here lets me use the internet to blog. Else I'll be bored stiff!

Mummy miss me so much that daddy drove her all the way to visit me. They almost couldn't make it in time as the shop was about to close. Joey saw daddy's car when she packed her things into her car, ready to leave. Justin (the other guy at the shop) even off-ed the lights. But Joey went in to bring me out. I was so surprised and happy! I just kept running about and waging my tail. Mummy carried me for awhile and took 2 picture of me before leaving me behind. =(

See! I'm such a handsome boy, in a beautiful shade of brown.

I was scared stiff! Mummy pointed something right infront of my face and there was this light. I almsot thought I was going to be shot! Luckily, that was only a camera phone and mummy just wanted a 'shot' of me. =)

I want to go home!

All my friends were green with envy. *hees. They kept barking but I didn't bother about them. They'll find a good home like me if they're lucky!

I hope mummy comes to bring me home soon.

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