Saturday, January 5, 2008

{ Updates & Pawty }

So much has been happening and I haven't had the time to update everything.

Firstly, Mummy brought me to K9 Kulture, this place which caters for dogs. There's a pool, a dog run, a massage place, grooming place, bakery and even day-care center. But when we went there on a weekday afternoon, that place was deserted! There were dogs in the day-care though, but there's basically nothing to do there. Even though Mummy wanted to let me try swimming, there's certain time slots and I've missed the time. Swimming is $12 a session, and the session depends mostly on the dogs, which will swim in groups with a trainer.

These big dogs in the day-care kept barking at me!

There was really nothing to do after Mummy went to find out more about the swimming and day care services. The dog run was covered with canvas, probably because it was raining or that there isn't many dogs going there in the weekdays. And since the grass was quite tall, I didn't like them poking into me (I'm quite short remember?) Yiyi and Cici didn't like the grass too, so Mummy and Daddy brought me away from the dog run. Even the cafe for hoomans was deserted! So Mummy brought me to U.S. Dog Bakery there and got me some food.

The lady there served me a meatloaf which Mummy chose for me. It was in a plate with knife and fork! Did they mistaken me for a hooman?? I gobbled it up in no time and drank some water from the bowl they provided. *yummy. But too bad there wasn't cookies there, else I can make Mummy buy some for me. I loved the cookies she bought the last time!

Life's good since Mummy's back from holidays. I'm kept nice and clean, and my area is contstantly cleaned. But the best thing is that I've got lots of company as Mummy is home alot lately. She plays with me and brings me for walks almost everyday. That makes me a really happy puppy.

When Mummy is trying to study and rush assignments, I'm sitting right by her chair, in my bed, looking at her. I was hoping that she dump her books and come play with me instead. Isn't it obvious that I'm alot more fun than those books??

Sometimes when I'm bored I play with the ginger bread man toy Daddy bought me for Christmas. He's really quite strong! His ribbon and head hasn't dropped off though I've been biting it violently! *hrmpz. I think I need to bite it more. But I only get to bite it when I'm in Mummy's room.
On the 30th, Mummy brought me out to a pawty! I was really excited because she gave me a dry bath again, to make sure I'm nice-smelling when I'm going to meet alot of people. She asked me if I would like to go 'gai-gai' (means going out). Of course I wanted to! My tail kept wagging and I let her groom me. I even stayed in my area quietly, waiting at the door while Mummy went to bathe and prepare for the pawty.
Evening finally came and Mummy came to pick, put on a SuperDog tee for me! Daddy came to pick us up after awhile and I was really happy!
At first, I was really fascinated by the cars and moving trees outside. Boy, they run faster than me!
I soon grew tired and lay on Mummy's lap instead. Those running trees were making me dizzy.
As we reached there quite early, about 5pm, the pawty hasn't started. Mummy and Daddy brought me out for a walk around there. They brought me to a pet shop opposite called 'Joy Doggy' and bought me a new tennis-rope toy! I love it! The tennis balls are all furry now because I bit them really hard.
And while I was there, Mummy's cousin got me this tennis ball which I loved! Tennis balls are my new-found love.
And her cousin was playing with me alot of the time. In fact all the children there loved me and it was quite tiring playing for hours with SooOoOooOO many kids! It got me really excited.
I got tired after sometime and I ended up on Mummy's lap again.
And Daddy's lap too. In fact, I was on countless people's lap that night.
Then I noticed that all of them were standing around something, with an electric fan. I saw many red things flying out from it!
Mummy brought me closer and to my horror, I saw this! It was really hot and looks quite scary. They even joked about putting me on it to make a 'hotdog'!!! That scared the hell out of me and I scurried back to Mummy's lap for cover.
After awhile everyone went outside while I was leashed near the door. All of them seemed to be having fun and there was ALOT of delicious food! The only bad thing of the night was that I wasn't offered any food at all! I know I had my kibbles, but those stuff looked really good after it was put on the scary flames! I just stayed there and look at them eat. Bummer.
Towards the night I was really tired and was dozing off on Mummy's lap. I was really tired after hours of action as the kids keep coming to play with me. I enjoyed the night alot and I've to thank Mummy's aunt and uncle for inviting us over, and allowed me as well. =) I didn't dirty their house, I just peed right outside their house (but Daddy washed it down with water).
Mummy says it's the first time she has seen me played till I was too tired to play anymore. The kids still wanted to play but I was dozing off on her lap, refusing to move even when she put me down. *heee.
But still, I love pawties!
Mummy brought me to the Joyous Vet for my third and last vacination today! *yay I can finally go out officially. We waited for like 2 hours because Mummy couldn't get an appointment, it was fully booked. Yiyi and Cici insisted on tagging along. I met many nice doggies there, especially this 3 months old schnauzer. We played quite abit and ran in circles, it was fun. I got jabbed in the butt this time and it didn't hurt much, I didn't even make a noise. The last jab on my neck was really painful, I kept yelping. But still, jabs make me feel weak.
I hope your new year was as pawsome as mine!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Chinook!
glad you are having great time with your mom and dad!
Are you Super Chinook?? I like your t-shirt!
You mom and my mom belong to the same team. They thing the best thing we can eat is kibbles! They should try them to know how boring they are!
Have a great weekend
Kisses and hugs

Amber-Mae said...

What a pawsome week you had Chinook! That doggie day care looks like a fun place to be. There are not many here in Malaysia except one but it's far far away from where we live. Those tees look good on ya!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

River said...

Hi Chinook,

Looks like you sure have been busy lately!!

I love the photos of you in your little shirts - they are just too cute!!


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh you sure look cool as super dog. :) Looks like you have a fun outing with your parents. :)

~ Girl girl

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Chinook,
What a busy little boy you have been! I bet you liven up the pawty and was the centre of attraction. :)


Hello little one,

My name is Mona & I'm a dachshund too!! I live in Texas and I see that we have a lot of the same friends so I hope we can be freinds too.

Just wanted to say hi...come visit us sometimes.

The Mommy thinks you are so cute !!

Mona Mi